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Ski Helmets for kids

Kids & Family - Jenna - March 18, 2012

On a recent trip to Breckenridge my husband was out skiing with our eldest son Tanner. Our sweet strong willed Tanner decided that he really didn’t need a helmet, but of course dad (an avid helmet wearer) insisted ski helmets for kids were a must.

The two set off for a day of skiing fun, and Tanner soon found out why the ski helmet was so important not only for kids, but for all.In his own eight year old public service announcement  hear how Tanner feels about ski helmets for kids.

Tanner demonstrating why ski helmet’s for kids are so important!

Here are some of our fav’s that can be purchased for your little skier or snowboarder. And don’t forget moms & dads, you are the best example so don’t for get to rent or purchase your own brain bucket.



Still not sold? consider that they are stylish & keep your head warm on the lift! Not to mention that trees don’t move !

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Things I wish I had known…..

Kids & Family - Jenna - March 12, 2012

Make time to stop the world for your kids, even if it is only for 15 minutes……

First off let me say welcome to my new installment of posts called ” Things I wish I had known” This special series of posts is a compilation of tid bits that I am learning from my season of mothering that I wish I had known from day one.Some are silly, some are fun, some will make you cry and some will make you smile. Some you may not agree with and want to leave a disagreeing comment, it’s okay I am a big girl I can take it. For the most part these are a reminder to me of the things I hold dear, and wish I had done better or am learning to do better as we speak.  I am in no way an expert so please take me lightly, but should you be blessed by one of these lessons feel free to shower me with ego boosting comments!

p.s. Please don’t leave comments about my spelling and grammar (mother) I know it sucks! My heart is in the right place, my brain…well that’s another subject!

Okay on to snuggling!

When my first son Tanner was born my entire life changed. Everything outside my sweet brown eyed baby boy was just some how less important. I lived in a blissful fog where everything revolved around my son. Of course I had work, a home, a husband, dogs, and myself to care for as well, but some how with the one baby this all seemed manageable. I always had time to meet his every need right when he needed me to meet it.

A large part of my job as Tanners mom was our snuggle time. To say my first born was a bit of a Velcro baby would be an understatement. Any naps required a snuggle or a rock as an infant, and this grew into a beloved nightly ritual that involved 12 songs, a long snuggle, 10 books, and me eventually falling to sleep in his toddler bed. Considering there is 5’10” of me to curl into a toddler bed you can imagine that this was a sight to see.

This went on for about 4 years blissfully unchanged, until one day in June 2007 when we welcomed our second son Wyatt home. Even though I had desperately wanted by little Wyatt, and was 100% ready for him to join our family. I had a deep fear that there would not be enough of me to go around. And sure enough I found out very quickly that it was much harder to live the what ever you want when you want it lifestyle with two babies.

During this same time our family experienced a financial downfall and I now had a two week old baby and a four year old, facing having to do all I could to pull in an income. As you can imagine my time was less and less. I had to figure out how to juggle it all, and still give to my sons the attention I felt they needed. A large part of what I prided myself on, and of course what would be the first to slip in my hectic time was my ability to stop and connect with my kids when they needed me no matter what To stop the world for them. For my little ones this was a full time job in it’s self and with my busy life, the demands of an infant and  a toddler. I learned after a small mental colaps….That I had to give up some of my old super mom ways. Especially when my need to have that 2 hour snuggle caused me great stress, and guilt, because it was getting harder and harder.

The entire time I was trying to get the full time in, I was wondering about work, or laundry, or the baby would cry ect. ect. How was I going to continue to do this?

So I put all my demands on paper and realized that I had a long list of things I couldn’t or wasn’t willing to give up. So I had to modify . I decided I was not going to give up on connecting with my kids at night, but I simply couldn’t  pull them into my lap all day long at every turn. I couldn’t play all day, nor could I know spend 2 hours putting them to bed in the name of snuggle time. So I had to cut myself some good old fashion slack, and down size.

I say cut myself some slack, because how many of you know that at least 75% of our parenting is based on our own expectations of being a good parent, instead of what our kids are showing us they need at the time . When we parent that way we leave ourselves open to guilt and let down. You see while my baby needed that time, He really didn’t need two hours to feel secure, loved, and special. But I needed the time to make up for what I had done wrong that day, or to fill that spot in my soul that told me to make sure I lingered there with him and showed him I cared.

All mommy guilt laid aside I began to shorten our routine. I still spent time lingering with him, taking him in and loving on him, because I really feel kids, especially mine need that time to connect, and wind down. To stop everything for them even if just for a moment and catch up.
However I began to implement some routine that I knew would take no longer than 15 minutes in case that is all I had to give. A book, a devotion, a prayer, 5 minutes of snuggle, and a well laid kiss good night. Now with three kids there are times that this is all I have to give. There are also times when I fall asleep in their beds all snuggled and I love those days. But no matter what is going on we stop and snuggle before bed even if it is for just 15 minutes.

The point is that your babies will only be babies for so long, and you need to take the time to snuggle them. To stop the world for them if only for a moment and let them know they are loved and safe and secure. But if you can’t spend  2 hours doing it . it’s okay! Now that I have an eight year old that is going 100 miles a hour I realize how quickly they grow . I am glad that I held fast to my snuggle time, however modified it has become from the days when I had more time. Each of my kids today loves this time, and I end up finding out so much about them when the world is still and quiet. There are times when 15 minutes and our base routine is all they need, and days when I just have to call in all extra help from Dad to make sure I can linger with on or two or all of them even if the house is falling down around us.

I really bellieve that all kids can be blessed by this type of stopping the world for them parenting, especailly in this busy time we live in. However I am a busy mom also, and I am hear to tell you I wish I would have known that I can still stop the world for my kids and touch their hearts even if I only have 15 minutes sometimes and that is enough. It may not be two hours but it counts and they remember the time it happened not how long it happened for!To this day my 8 year old knows when it is time to snuggle and tells me it is his favorite part of the day. One time I felt compelled to ask him if he was okay when some times we only got to snuggle for a little while. Do you know what he said..”you realize I only learned to tell time this year right”

It just goes to show it is not the time so much as long as you meet their needs for the day and they feel satisfied with the time they got from mom. It could be five minutes or two hours but it’s more about doing it than keeping track of the time on some mothering score board.

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The power of a Praying Parent/ wife

Kids & Family, Mom Time - Jenna - February 24, 2012

 So I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and I love love love love it! Then since my birthday was two weeks later I got an amazon gift card! So of course I have been going book crazy! I downloaded several, among them were two Stormie Omartian books I have been wanting to read for some time now. The Power of a Praying Wife and The Power of a Praying Parent.

I purchased them back in January & they have been on my Kindle bookshelf for about a month. I finally opened them up last week. Don’t get me wrong I was excited to read them but the issue of Glamour I downloaded looked like a lot more fun each time I powered up my e reader. Any way I  started them because I ran out of other good material for the most part.

Man was I wasting my time with that issue of Glamour! These books have transformed my life and offered a sweet quick way to connect with my heavenly father regarding the most important people in my life. The simple prayers touch areas of my heart in regards to my kids and husband that I have wanted to say but find it hard to express.  I am not very far in & normally wouldn’t recommend a book until I had devoured every last page. However this is a little different.

I don’t want any wife or parent to miss out like I did. Even if you have a wonderful marriage and have the parenting thing on lock down, I would still recommend these books as a way to connect and release the power of God on behalf of the most important people & relationships in your life.

So check them out, they are pretty cheap. I think I paid $5 for the kindle versions, and worth every penny. They are short. I have a new baby and a ton on my plate , So I get not having time to even shower let alone read. I purpose to only read one entry from each, each day. I just read one it takes about 3 minutes. Then I let that prayer roll around in my heart all day and by the next day I am hungry for another.  Trust me you can & should do this!


Juggling mama

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It’s A Girl! And her name Is Adilynn….

Kids & Family - Jenna - February 2, 2012



Adilynn Grace Conover


3:45pm Loveland, CO

7lbs 9oz 21″


Recently we have welcomed a new daughter to our family.  Our home is a bussle with visitors, pink, and new baby excitment! Of course some of us are going on less sleep than others, but it is still very exciting, and new to have a little pink bundle in our home.

I thought I would take this time to introduce to you my little girl! She is the cause for my absence as well as for my miss spellled words and quick 2 am posts that will be surely coming your way!

Thank you to all the readers who have sent well wishes and congrats our way. I feel so blessed. Love to all


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Teaching kids the value of a dollar

Kids & Family - Jenna - December 27, 2011

Since this Christmas season seems to get a little out of hand in the money department I was recently looking  for a way to explain to my kids the value of a dollar in a way that would last past the new toys and wrapping paper into the days of the credit card statments. I found this video at  www.cnb.com  Hope it helps you as well!

Juggling Mama

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Grocery Diva

Kids & Family, Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - December 11, 2011

Recently we had a guest speaker in at our MOPS group to discuss several meathods  on getting the best bang for your buck with your weekly shopping. Everything from meal planning to coupon clipping. Most of the tips I had heard, and used occasionally but putting them all together this woman is spending $30 or less for her weekly shopping!

She has a family of four and makes four squares a day, has pets, and a baby in diapers , and is walking out of the grocery store for $30.00 a week. Simply buy clipping coupons, matching them to the loss leaders or  adds, and meal planning around what she has a flyer and coupon for.  She also shops at drug stores that give rebates and rewards . Last week a woman using these methods got two packages of diapers and wipes for $1.23 ! Now if that doesn’t make you want to go buy a coupon organizer and a pair of scissors I just don’t know what will.

There are several sites out there devoted to helping make this easier such as http://bargainbriana.com/ or www.iheartwags.com both of which are great.

I am ready. This will be my first trip  to the store and I can’t wait to see what my bill comes up to be. try it yourself and lets compare notes.

Anyone have any other super saver tips? Let me know!

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On any given day

Kids & Family - Jenna - October 1, 2011

On any given day you can walk through my front door and find many things. A couple old yellow labs & the evidence that they are part of our family. Smudges on the walls, fingerprints on the tv, and a pile of un done laundry. You will also be met by the smells of one thing or another being cooked, baked, simmered, or prepared with love.   You will no doubt encounter one of the many loud energy filled kids that consume all that home made goodness like little starving locus.

Either my husband or I will greet you with a warm smile. I can’t say which one, that will depend on which one of us isn’t working, coaching, volunteering , or other wise just tied up.  But one of us is usually here picking up the slack.

Ours is a warm, God loving home. We work hard, pay taxes, go to church. We are honest and if you called us at 1am we would change your tire , pray with you, or bail you out of jail. 

You will not find cursing unless I burn my hand on something and then my rough neck father may pop up & send a four letter word flying. We don’t drink or do drugs unless you count children’s Tylenol then my teething toddler needs rehab.

Ours is a love story of  years and will last with hard work & the Lords help for many years. We are not perfect but we try hard every day to be better people than the day before.

We are not lazy, we work hard, we are proud, resourceful, and American through & through. 

I cut coupons, buy most all second hand, drive used vehicles, make almost everything myself from baked goods to Christmas presents. We don’t carry debt, or even have extra channels on our tv. We live with out excess and do not spend with out consideration.

Our combined total income is below $40,000

We are the face of the working poor.

We are what our parents, and Grandparents told us to be yet we are considered poor buy the standards and are further behind others for our efforts. If we would become dishonest, quit working hard, walk away from our mortgage, quit standing on our own two feet and just generally give up we would actually have more money in our pocket at the end of the week & be eligible for more help.

On any given day all across the country you will find homes like ours, filled with families like ours, and you may not realize it but we are Poverty Today. I know It shoked me too!

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It’s a Cake!

Kids & Family - Jenna - September 21, 2011

last  week the day came that marked the 20th week of my pregnancy and the long awaited ultrasound day. I woke up so happy & ready to go peek at my baby and find out the sex that I could hardly contain it. I went to my appointment alone but planned to have my family over that evening for a big reveal dinner.

As the ultrasound tech scanned over every amazing little part of my baby I was lost in the perfection of this little miracle. As we wrapped up the ultrasound the tech asked if I wanted to know the sex. I had almost forgotten how excited  I was to find out. As she explained the images and announced the sex I started to cry happy tears and was elated to discover & meet my little ones gender.

As I left the office I could hardly contain my secret until that evening. I hid my self away and didn’t answer my phone as not to be liable to speak  to anone & blow it. As I made the cake I was giddy & careful to hide the color of the middle frosting. We really wanted our boys to be the ones that got the news first and cut the cake.

Finally 6oclock came & dinner was ready. The cake proudly displayed on the counter. The middle layer of frosting hidden away, the center of attention. family started to trickle in and we ate dinner at break neck speed.

Finally the wait was over and we set to cut the cake!316637_10150375855583854_698813853_10125142_813583859_n

The boys cut in and pulled out a pink peice of cake. The room errupted and I cried yet again! It was a amazing and I would recommend the cake reveal to anyone looking for a cute way to share the news!

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Baby Name Maddness

Kids & Family - Jenna - September 5, 2011

Ever Since we found out what the sex of the baby was we have been on a search for baby names. But with all the sites and lists out there I am finding myself even more confused than before I knew it was a girl! This is becoming a big obsticle & I am stuck!  I need help! Send me your best suggestions !!!!! Please!!!!

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Back to school info!

Kids & Family - Jenna - August 22, 2011

It’s that time of  year again..you strap a fresh outfit and a back pack on  a piece of your heart and send it off to school. It’s exciting, gut wrenching, hard, and wonderful all at the same time. I planned on bringing you a list things to help in thetransition but I found myself doing a lot of searching myself.

No matter how many times you have or will do it, the first day marks a milestone, a new year, a special day, and is a first for each child at each step. Since I myself am sending my baby off to pre k, and my eldest to the big and scary world of 2nd grade and currently am a cocktail of gushy pregnant hormones.I simply did not feel qualified to be giving advise I need myself. Thankfully there are others out there that are.

Since I was feeling less than adequate, and a bit sappy I spent the morning scouring the Internet to find the best advise for you & I to help us through the first day triumphs and tears alike! I hope you find it helpful



My favorite advise was at http://www.parenting.com/back-school


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