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Things I wish I'd known - Mama 1 - December 15, 2015



On December 17th, Canadian Beef will be hosting a #CDNBeefExperience Twitter Party! Join us as we talk with our special guests on how you can create a magical get away right from your own home! We will be joining Canadian beef as they chat withKarisma Hotels, El Dorado Resorts, Canada Beef Mexico and blogger Jay Eatz!

Blogger Jason Eaton, also known as Jay Eatz, will be heading down to the incredible El Dorado Royale, a spa resort by Karisma in Cancun this week! He will be joining the Canadian Beef team in Mexico to help spread the word about how delicious Canadian Beef is! He will be participating in cooking demos, samples and pairings, and all sorts of other fun foodie festivities! The Canadian Beef Culinary series available at Karisma Hotels is the perfect getaway for any foodie.

Join us on December 17th at 8:00pm for all the fun!
Date: December 17th, 2015
Time: 8:00PM – 9:00PM E
Hashtag: #CDNbeefexperience
Host: @LoveCDNbeef
Guests: @Karismahotels, @ElDoradoResorts, @CANADABEEFMEX, @jay_eatz

New to Twitter Parties?

If you are a Twitter Party newbie, then we suggest you try using the Twubs Twitter Party platform. Click here to view the #CDNbeefexperience Twubs Twitter Party page.

Anyone can participate but only Canadians can win prizes excluding those in the province of Quebec.

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No Time To Can

I have no time to can these days. With a busy life, new baby, and just a general sense of crazy that surrounds my life I am a little short on time. However when I saw these amazing strawberries on sale I had to grab them up. Of course I had high hopes of turning them into a fabulous batch of jelly for my family to enjoy, then like a brick to the head reality set in and I realized I had no time to do so.

Since I had already purchased the berries (where was that reality reminder in the produce isle) I was simply going to have to find a way to save them for later.

july-029I decided to freeze them!

I am only making Jam so they don’t have to hold their shape or anything so I did a basic water freeze to save for a later date. I usually pack my frozen fruit in juice for eating a baking but I am turning these into jam so I didn’t want any extra sugar to start the process of the berry’s letting their natural juices out in defrost. I wanted to save that for later.

So all you have to do is simply wash, chop, add a bit of h2o and freeze flat in a freezer zip lock.

Ok so there  are a few pics that are not related above! They include our beautiful son sharing the best thing to do with the left overs! And my favorite apron because it rocks!

If you have any questions please let me know!



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Top 3 Things I Wish I Knew About Being A Mom

Mom Time, Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - July 30, 2012

1. You Never Get Enough Sleep

Of course we hear all about how little sleep you get and in our glowing pregnancy days some of us even romanticize spending wonderful times up with our babies watching I love Lucy marathons at 2am. I actually remember that warm fantasy all back lit with warm light and snuggly soft. Fast forward three kids two jobs, a side gig , laundry, house work, a husband that didn’t get less needy and well you get reality!

Image credit parenting.com

That warm fuzzy fantasy all but fades into a buzz of chaos filled days and nights where the mere sound of your baby waking is fallowed by a groan from you. You stumble out of bed, down the hall  half eyed and half effort try to get them back to sleep. Knowing each minute you are awake is another ounce of caffeine you will have to ingest tomorrow.

Of course there are those naps that you get to “sneak in” aka you accidentally fall asleep at 10am while getting your toddler to sit still long enough to watch a full episode of Elmo. Hey it counts!

2. Things Will Never Be Clean Again

No NEVER get use to it or go CRAZY! In my early parenting days I kept my house immaculate and just couldn’t seem to understand how other mothers couldn’t do it. Imagine my shock and dismay when  I realized I only had one child, no out of the home work, and a small house of course I could get it all done. I wasn’t super mom I just didn’t really have all that much to do.

It was a hard lesson to learn that sometimes the snuggles and mess are just more important than the dishes. Of Course this all sounds good on paper but I have to admit every time I invited anyone over and they saw my fingerprinted walls and messy toys I cringed. I felt like I wasn’t a good mom or wife. They must be thinking eww every time they come over.

I won’t pretend that I am OK with all the destruction that boys and dogs can do, but my daily prayer is “please Lord let me be ok with the mess, don’t let it over take me.” You see recently I have started to notice that I get so wrapped up in trying to make things the way I WANT them that I end up a crouchy old hag. I yell out at one of my boys every time I see a big mess they have made and very quickly moved on from. I feel like in our home I have the tendency to take the fun out of just about everything trying to be perfect for other people. But who is more important to be perfect for than your family?


This is Wyatt after he DESTROYED the back yard with mud!

So the #2 biggest thing that I am STILL learning is that it’s ok to be messy and things will never be clean again EVER. That is ok and you just have to live with it, or at least find a happy medium with it. If they are able to run and play and be messy with out a care in the world you are doing a good job mom!

3 They Wont Be Little Forever

These words can bring you feelings of great saddness and great joy. Or in my case a little of both. For me this means that they won’t be gross forever, they wont wine forever, they wont pee on the floor forever. But it also means that they wont need me forever, they wont want to snuggle forever, I wont be their favorite girl forever.


They have all outgrown the outfits they were wearing in this picture taken five months ago. They have all reached new milestones since this photo was taken and they are all at least 1″ taller. Man that happens fast!

So take it all in. Hold on to the great stuff because it is fleeting and it wont last. let go of the hard stuff knowing it wont last.

Mothering is hard, it’s messy, it’s not pretty at times. It is also the greatest reward and most fulfilling job you can ever have. So carry on moms carry on!

~Juggling Mama

One more point ….

It almost never goes how you planned it!

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Work From Home Moms Share Their Struggles

Video Credit : Life Time Moms

Wonderful Video from Angela Chee of Lifetime Moms on how to balance working from home!

Guess what we are not alone, and other mothers get distracted too.I am constantly shushing someone during a conference call or trying to balance the choice of getting up early or staying up late. I am far from figuring it all out, but some how just the knowledge that others are in my crazy boat amply names the SS TRYING TO DO IT ALL makes me feel less stranded on a messy deserted island.

What are some of your tips for working from home?

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Beef It’s Whats For Dinner Eh

It’s no secret I have a hungry busy brood to feed. I am also now very health concise as my husband has high cholesterol and I have active boys that need proper nutrition to  keep up with all their activities. So I go for lean cuts of meat paired with salads or veggies most of the time.But it wasn’t always this way.

After my husband was diagnosed with High cholesterol I departed from my original steak, potato’s, & a beer cooking. All I knew to cook that was healthy and low in fat was chicken & rice.  Well let me tell you that got old real fast. So I went searching for what I could feed my family including myself who was pregnant at the time. What was my solution you ask…BEEF! Whaaat you say. Yes ladies the healthy, nutrition packed, satisfy even the craziest mommy craving choice in my house is BEEF.

But wait a minute, back up the chuckwagon what about that husband with high cholesterol? Did you know that just about any round or loin cut is a lean cut of beef? I can hear the collective” really” now. Yup it is, and I had no idea either until I visited www.beefinfo.org

Buying Beef Video

I found this wonderful buying guide that helped me understand the best cuts to buy for my family, and what to do with them.

There is also an amazing Nutrition Counter to break down exactly whats in beef & which cuts are the best source for key nutrients.

That’s not all either. The recipes I found have changed the way I cook much to the delight of my kids & hubby. The Grilled Flank Steak with Olive Oil Vinaigrett has become a weekly staple. We even enjoy the Mini Burgers for a Friday night treat!

There are tons of recipes there that are so flavorful & nutrition packed I am still trying new ones and adding in our favorites to the weekly menu.

Food TLC

I especially adore the beef 101 page which is where I go with all my burning questions.

And I totally signed up for the RSS on their great Blog

Of course I have also fallen in love with the beef families profiled there Who we areIt is so wonderful to get to know where your beef is coming from. These are hard working amazing families bringing us quality beef with love.

To sum it up this site is an wonderful source for all things Canadian Beef. If you want to get to know your beef, where it comes from, and what to do with this amazing super food. Than check them out. I plan to bring you lots of their recipes on this blog in the weeks to come because I am so head over heels in love with this site! But for heaven sakes don’t wait on me go there now & see for yourself.


~Juggling Beef Loving Mama

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How to do a DIY Boys Birthday!

I would like to take this time to say a very Happy Birthday to my sweet Wyatt! He is FIVE! Wow I cannot even believe I am typing that right now! I thought maybe typing it would be less weird than saying it but, nope it’s just as strange to use the big FIVE before his name here!

Since I just had  baby & am like crazy busy this one kind of snuck up on me…GASP you say! Yeah yeah yeah It happens. So I had to pull something together quick, and on the cheap! Thanks to the inspiration from a scrap of fabric which later became the theme to my party I was able to do a totally DIY Boys Birthday party ! Here’s what we did!


Of course we started out with a Birthday Breakfast complete with candles and singing which is customary in our home.

I had invited several of his friends via Facebook & email! Thank God for this digital time we live in. I would have so failed as a mom that had to mail out everything via post mark. That would take real planning.

Any way we planned it at the park where I simply had cupcakes & games and candy! DONE!

Everything  pictured I made from what I had around the house! A fabric banner with his name, decorations, & I reused streamers & balloons from other parties. I put candy in my canisters I keep on my counter & just made cute signs, An ice tub with juice boxes just decorated up, & my favorite thing…My hubys tools for center pieces!  I picked several colors and mashed them together so I could use more of what I had. I recommend this so you can be more flexible with your decorations!

Wyatt told me it was the best birthday EVER!

See they don’t need much. I loved this party. It was super easy to put together, so I was less stressed and able to enjoy the party more. I had fun doing it & I can only judge by the look on his face in some of these pics that Wyatt did too!

*If you would like more detailed instructions on anything you see here I would be happy to post them, just leave a comment as to which ones you need!

Happy Juggling Mamas


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Kids & Family, Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - June 19, 2012

lilly-lake-2012-045This is my lovely bunch of kiddos on a bridge in Rocky Mountain National Park. my Sissy Kari captured our happy faces from below after an outing at Lilly Lake. I think she did a great job..don’t you?

lilly-lake-2012-049 However this is my favorite picture taken on the trip! It takes a great photographer, and or sister to put up with the “just one more with silly faces” picture!   I LOVE SILLY FACE PICS! What about you? do you prefer the smile or silly’s?

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The Best Thing To Come Out Of My Cast Iorn Skillet Ever! From http://tastykitchen.com/blog/

I found this recipe at http://tastykitchen.com/blog/ I had to share it because it is AMAZING! Hope you love it as much as I did!

Dark Chocolate Chunk Skillet Cookie

Posted by in Step-by-Step Recipes

Tasty Kitchen Blog Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

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Teacher Name Tag Holder Gift

It’s that time of year again! Schools almost out!

No more school, no more books, no more teachers dirty looks! Well at least that is what I use to scream going down the hall pig tails flapping. Now it’s more like……….

No more school, No more missing books, No more lunch money, No more pleeeease honey’s!

Ahh yes how things change!

The end of the year for this mama means home made treats, parties, & teacher gifts. All as one last super mom effort before I am off the hook for summer!

Here is what I came up with for this years teach gifts. A Teacher Name Tag Holder for all those badges & keys our teachers have to tote around on those less than chic lanyards.

I actually got the idea after seeing something similar &  using a few ideas  to put together my own theme! I hope you enjoy….

Here’s what you need!


Scrap Fabric for flowers I found at Wise Craft ! Also there is a template there you need to print ! I printed it about a year ago and have used it a ton. I used this tut to make mine so all the flower credit goes to Blair at wise craft! I just added pics of mine so you could see the colors I used and such.

1/2 yard to 2/3 yard lanyard fabric

Button for flower

Lanyard tags if making badge

Lanyard hooks or key chain

Scrap paper if making name badge ( I made badges for my pre-k teachers but you could just make the lanyard if your teachers have school badges )

Glitter glue for name badges or teacher poem

One cute assistant! I got mine at Conover baby .com but she is a one of a kind so you will have to manufacture your own!

spring-2012-326Of course you will need the usual sewing subjects like scissors, thread, pins, machine, needle ect. I thought of that after the fact but if you are at this tut you probably figured out you need those things!  If not I am sorry ! Did I mention I have three kids and have to make 5 of these and it’s two days before I have to have them done?

spring-2012-338First decide what colors you want & stack em up ! Cut out two of the large & four of the small. I used different colors & added to my small to make it more fluffy! But you can follow the directions at www.wisecraft.com also and get it done just the same.

spring-2012-341Now we just fold & sew like so….

spring-2012-342Fold each pedal wrong sides together & lay on top of the two big pedals alternating, and stacking like this. Keep going until you have two left. Then fold the two you have left in quarters and place in the middle. Sorry no pic of the last two but you will see what I mean.

spring-2012-344When your flower looks like a flower sew it together with a button in the center. Taking care to grab a bit of each piece as you stitch. I also  left a long tail to sew to the lanyard when I was done.

spring-2012-348Now we will make our Lanyard. I realized when I was putting this together that I didn’t get very good pics. This was about the time my cute assistant got hungry & I lost her to a milk induced comma…so I found this tut on fabric lanyard if you need some extra help. She does it the same as I do but with better instructions!

spring-2012-366Now take your flower from before & use the long tail to sew it onto the lanyard! I put mine on, and measured about half way down on one side as a good spot to place the flower.

spring-2012-367 If you made a name badge you can stick it on and call in done! I have also put coffee cards on the end, or key chain gift cards work nice if you want to really spoil your teacher.

I hope yours turn out cute, you survive the last few weeks of school, and you have a wonderful summer break!

xoxo Jenna

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Top Ten Things I wish I had known about little boys…

Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - April 11, 2012

1. That stink will not go away no mater how much you wash, scrub, clean, or spray.

2. They destroy just about everything they touch….they usually don’t mean to it just happens.

3. They can eat more than the largest band of locust

4. They are really good snugglers

5.At age 4 Dad achieves rock star status with no effort at all, and you will be left holding a sippy cup & a blanket wondering what the heck just happened.

6. When they are sick or hungry or hurt aka when the going gets tuff…..only mom will do!

7. Did I mention they stink

8. Peeing inside the perimeters of a toilet may take up words of 30 years to master

9. They will only learn to be gentlemen if you teach them

10. Underneath the dirt, grime, smell, and footballs are little hearts that will always have a place for their first love…Mommy!

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