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Kids & Family - Jenna - May 11, 2009

Recently we have all been hit by the economy in one way or another. Some in a big way, some just cutting back a little, but whatever your situation it seems that we all are a little more careful how we spend our money right now.  This has left lots of us trying to find extra ways to save.

In my quest to pinch pennies I came across this cool site from red box http://www.insideredbox.com
Redbox is one of those movie kiosks that are usually in a walmart, or outside a McDonald’s. They rent movies for $1 a day & you can return them at any other red box, which makes it really sweet for us busy moms!

This site gives you promo codes to get free movies:) which is even better for us busy moms who want to get some entertainment & keep our money in our pockets.

My boys & I rent these all the time on movie night, we get popcorn & candy & snuggle down. Total cost about $2.00 in snacks that are already in our cupboard. Compare that to a movie night out at $35 :)  Not to mention spreading a blnket & pillows on the floor with your kids for a movie is great bonding time & no one is going to scoul at you when the baby starts to cry or the toddler need to take a hotlap mid flick around the room :)

So check it out, gather your brood & stay in for cheap with out skimping on the fun!

happy movie night!

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managing the family calendar

Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - February 10, 2009

My friend, Jenny, has three kids–each with a an overly-full schedule of activities that keep her running in several directions at once. Plus she works part-time and helps manage her husband’s business.

She’s very organized–every morning she writes out and hangs up a sign in the kitchen with each family member’s activities for the day and who has to be where, when, so everyone’s on the same page and no one forgets (which still happens often).

While that’s a great idea, lots of times you’re not at home, and it’s hard for everyone to remember where they need to be next.

Well, I jucalendarst told her about a cool new site for women, shesconnected.com, that lets you create and post shared calendars so everyone in your family always stays updated. You can add events and to-dos for yourself, your husband, kids, friends, or members of any groups you belong to. And you can access it from anywhere you are: your computer, cell phone or other wireless device. And even if some people in your circle aren’t exactly tech savvy, you can print out copies that they can take with them.

This is just the greatest idea. If you have to manage multiple people’s time (like most of us juggling mamas do), I’m sure it will make everyone’s lives easier!

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