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Top Ten Things I wish I had known about little boys…

Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - April 11, 2012

1. That stink will not go away no mater how much you wash, scrub, clean, or spray.

2. They destroy just about everything they touch….they usually don’t mean to it just happens.

3. They can eat more than the largest band of locust

4. They are really good snugglers

5.At age 4 Dad achieves rock star status with no effort at all, and you will be left holding a sippy cup & a blanket wondering what the heck just happened.

6. When they are sick or hungry or hurt aka when the going gets tuff…..only mom will do!

7. Did I mention they stink

8. Peeing inside the perimeters of a toilet may take up words of 30 years to master

9. They will only learn to be gentlemen if you teach them

10. Underneath the dirt, grime, smell, and footballs are little hearts that will always have a place for their first love…Mommy!

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A few things I am pretty sure moms of girls never have to say…..

Kids & Family, Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - October 13, 2009


This is the second time I have been peed on today

No you cannot make that into a sword

No the Kitty doesn’t need swimming lessons, flying lessons, or bike riding instructions

Please put my flower pots back at the door & the flowers back in them

No you cannot use your brother as a bike jump

Please take the play-dough out of the lamp

What the heck is this in my shoe?

Ohhhh you used my curling iron to cook me breakfast in bed how sweet

Is that chocolate or poop?

Yes son it is always inappropriate to say pooh, poopy, pee, pee-pee, fart, booger, barf, & butt at the table

Yes you have to eat that

Oh God please don’t eat that

Thank you I know I rock & Yes I will marry you!

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Seeking Mom for little boy age 2

Kids & Family, Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - July 17, 2009

Mom of a boy:

Hours 24/7 365  Long term no vacation

Compensation Flowers picked from your own garden, an occasional sloppy kiss, cuddles when child is hungry, sick , or tired.  Hand made mothers day gifts, & their left over s ‘more when camping!


Qualifications Must show EXTREAM patients & good humor, be able to get a hamburger just right (recipe may vary) throw a ball, fix a scrape, and bring a goldfish back to life after a ride in the micro machine fast track!

Please note that this is a long term full time commitment. You better have a strong stomach, deep pockets, and a good bottle of wine to consider this job. A good friend;  preferably another mom of boys is recommended! Applicants will be chosen at random typically based on their desire for cleanliness & a baby girl:)



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