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Grocery Diva

Kids & Family, Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - December 11, 2011

Recently we had a guest speaker in at our MOPS group to discuss several meathods  on getting the best bang for your buck with your weekly shopping. Everything from meal planning to coupon clipping. Most of the tips I had heard, and used occasionally but putting them all together this woman is spending $30 or less for her weekly shopping!

She has a family of four and makes four squares a day, has pets, and a baby in diapers , and is walking out of the grocery store for $30.00 a week. Simply buy clipping coupons, matching them to the loss leaders or  adds, and meal planning around what she has a flyer and coupon for.  She also shops at drug stores that give rebates and rewards . Last week a woman using these methods got two packages of diapers and wipes for $1.23 ! Now if that doesn’t make you want to go buy a coupon organizer and a pair of scissors I just don’t know what will.

There are several sites out there devoted to helping make this easier such as http://bargainbriana.com/ or www.iheartwags.com both of which are great.

I am ready. This will be my first trip  to the store and I can’t wait to see what my bill comes up to be. try it yourself and lets compare notes.

Anyone have any other super saver tips? Let me know!

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free up the time it takes to grocery shop

Mom Time - Jenna - January 28, 2009

…so you can do other things!

Last weekend I was complaining to a friend and fellow mother, who has two children under age two, that my house was out of control and I had no time to grocery shop. She said, “Why don’t you have your groceries delivered?”

That seems so obvious but I just never thought of it. She uses Peapod.com, which I always thought was a great idea but assumed it was too expensive. Turns out it only costs $7 for delivery (plus a tip for the driver, though it’s optional) and as she pointed out, you spend that much in gas going to the store anyway. They also take coupons, and they double manufacturers’ coupons, which I was glad to hear because I’m a couponaholic.

I just checked out the site, and it’s very easy to use. Plus I like that you can quickly compare prices. And no sensory overload, which I always seem to suffer from whenever I’m in the store and trying to pay attention to my baby while comparing prices and brands.

I’m obviously not going to use grocery delivery service all the time, but will try it whenever I’m feeling like my life is really frazzled and out of control (maybe even today!). I’ll let you know how I liked it–and if you have any thoughts, let me know!

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