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Scrap Happens

Last weekend I was able to go on a scrapping retreat with some of my friends! It was amazing. I had a very limited number of supplies, however these gals were deep into the scrapping world so it was like being at a cropping super store.I learned so much, and had such a wonderful time. It was so cool to me that I was away from my family yet they were the center of all I was doing the entire weekend.

Of course my dream of a creative / coffee house one day will be a reality & I will host theses events once a month! (dreaming…..ahhh) But until then I think I will commit to going twice a year to put into albums my family memories. Thank you ladies for your amazing hospitality & sharing your creativness (not sure that’s a word but oh well) I had a wonderful time & am fully converted into a scrapper!

-Happy Cropping!

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A space for baby sister!

Since we are having  a girl now, and our eldest boys are already sharing a room, I was charged with making a space for sister! I did not have alot of money for this project and really not much time either. However I did have www.pintrest .com and some crafty know how!

I made everything you see in these pics and I think the total to compleatly transform this room was about $175.00 And that was just because I spoiled myself with a nice bead spread from Target that was $80.00 !

sisters-room-003 Cute wall hangings from old frames and buttons! A glue gun and old stuff is all you need!


So I painted the walls pink :) The dresser was an old one I had in the attic with flowers on it. I painted it white and replaced the top nobs. The rocker still needs recovered but that is another day all together. I made the curtains and these super cute throw pillows from a pattern idea I found on ….yes Pintrest!



I love these flower pillows and they are super easy to make!




What girl doesn’t need a space for her hair bows? Again using an old frame & some left over ribbon!

I have some projects left to do in there but this is at least the start!  Fun fun fun working with pink and creating a space for baby!

I hope this inspires you to get crafty today!


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Summer Activities For 100 + degree days

Kids & Family - Jenna - July 1, 2011

Given the recent heat wave sweeping most of the country (welcome to Summer) I have found myself like a lot of moms out there , racking my brain for things to do with the kids when it is just to hot to move.

On the blissful 75 degree days of early summer, we never seem to run dry on fun activities to do out side. We play, we swim, we picnic. There is ball to play, and bbq to eat. However when it is over 100 + out we are all left with full long hot days to fill.

Aside from the going to the library, and every body of water we can find. I have found myself mid summer and in need of some fun activities to do with my brood.

Here are some sites I have found to help me juggle the heat and my sanity.

When I am low on inspiration and high on heat I just stop off at one of these sites and let someone else do the thinking , while I take the praise from the kids!
Hope you stay cool and entertained this summer!
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Hats, Hats, & More Hats

I love to crochet! It is one of my favorite creative mediums. Every time a new baby in announced I get to work. Well recently after a dry spell in the baby department both my sister and sister in law have decided to give me nephews, my friends are getting pregnant like it is the new handbag for spring, and I myself have been fantasizing  of all things newborn and snugly.

At times like this all I can do is double crochet my little fingers to the bone. Most recently I have found a love for caps. Sweet little baby beanies that work up so quickly and are super cute. With the load of infants coming my way these days a blanket for every one would over take my life so these are a great answer to prayer.

I thought I would share with you my favorite new addition. A pattern that is not my own, but I have been able to add to and embellish on so many times that I have found myself working all my creations from this one pattern.

I came across it after it was posted by a fellow blogger, and craft enthusiast Alli  from www.allicrafts.blogspot.com


This super cute ear flap cap I just made for my infant nephew due in May is the one I have been using and I simply cannot fine one I like more to work from. I  have taken this one and extended the initial row to make an adult hat omitted the ear flaps for a more traditional cap, added flowers you name it!Thanks Alli! I love love love this pattern!

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Struggling to find your creative side?

Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - April 16, 2009

Do you ever find yourself looking for something really fun to do, or a way cute, won’t get thrown away craft for the kids? Well if you are like me sometimes there just isn’t time to be creative so I do what any self respecting women would do….. I steal someone else’s  ideas!

Ok it’s not steeling if they are on the internet for God & everyone to see, but I am sure not fessing up to anyone  in the play group where I got them! There are so many ways we can get ideas for fun projects. So never get in a rutt again, just get clicking and start creating!

Check out these  sites for more fun ideas…..Happy creating!




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