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My day With The Bellyflops

Kids & Family, Momprenuer Balancing Act - Jenna - July 17, 2012

My boys and I snuggled in this evening after baths and teeth to read a few books on the couch as is customary in our home around this time. It had been a long day and to be honest I was spent and still had at least two hours worth of work hanging over my head.  I got all the wriggly bunch of boy tamed long enough to crack open a library book. I hadn’t even looked at the title now or when I tossed it into the library bag last week. Gone are the days of lingering and here are the days of just get it done so this is normally thank God I belong to a good library and stay in the kid section otherwise I might have read them some horror book due to my absent minded book selections. Give me  a break at least I am reading to them right….

Any way back to the couch. We opened the book with a cute family of five pigs on it. Thinking back this is probably the exact reason I chose it.

A Day with the Bellyflops

As I got about 2 pages in I started to snap out of  my half engaged fog and realized this book was about my family and could have been written by anyone visiting my house on any given day. The cute little family of pigs has a dad that works away from home and a mom that cares for her three piglets and works from her home office . Of course this is a children’s book so it is full of cuteness and tender words. Francine Bassede must be or know a work from home mom because she hit the nail right on the head with this one.

This book was so cute and really captured just what it is that us mums work from the house have to go through. Even my oldest son stopped and said “wow this sounds like us mom”

Don’t take my word for it. Go get it and read it and tell me what you think! What is it like in your work from home house now I am curious is it just me and Mrs. Bellyflop that share the same story or are there more of us out there!


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Bringing Sexy Back!

Mom Time - Jenna - August 28, 2011


5 Ways to Make Time for Mom’s Sex Life

By , About.com Guide

Moms’ sex life may seem like an oxymoron – who has time for romance and intimacy amid dirty diapers, school homework and children’s activities? But a fulfilling sex life is one of the important ways moms can rejuvenate enough to make it through the daily grind. It’s also the glue that will keep your marriage strong and happy. Here are 5 ideas for making time and energy for mom’s sex life.

1. Wake Up Early

mothers sex life

Most parents of young children collapse into bed at the end of the night without a thought of any activity between the sheets aside from sleep. But setting your alarm clock for a half hour before your usual wakeup time can jump start mom’s sex life  and dad’s.

Feel free to slip into a sexy teddy. Make sure you lock the bedroom door. You might also want to quickly brush your teeth before jumping into each other’s arms!

2. Date Your Husband

It can be hard to get in the mood for hot sex after a long day of work, child care and household chores. I’m a huge fan of parents having a regular date night. It gives you a chance to talk without interruption, for one.

Most importantly, date night brings you back to those days not so long ago  when you’d primp to look your best for your man. A little anticipation before an evening out can add to the fire when you’re finally home together again.

3. Afternoon Delight

It’s more than a 1970’s song by the Starland Vocal Band. (Bet you didn’t have that name on the tip of your tongue!) As cheesy as it sounds, afternoon lovemaking can be a delightful pick-me-up for a tired pair of parents. You often have more energy at 2 p.m. than at the end of the day.

Whether your kids are at a yearbook meeting, gymnastics class or asleep for their daily nap, Saturday afternoon can be your chance to set those sky rockets into flight.

4. An Overnight Trip

Sneaking around behind the kids’ back can only take you so far. A wonderful boost to a mom’s sex life can be a weekend or even overnight trip — in a hotel you don’t have to worry about making too much noise. Hopefully you have grandparents nearby who can babysit or neighbors willing to make a child care swap.

You don’t even have to travel a long distance or spend a ton of money. Check out the hotel deals within an hour or two drive of your home. You may find a sale that includes a breakfast buffet the next morning. Now that’s luxury.

5. Take a Day Off Work

I know your days off are precious, if you’re even lucky enough to get paid time off work. You’re probably hoarding them to use if your kid gets sick or to visit family over the holidays.

Just this once, think about taking a day off along with your husband  and spending the morning in bed together. It may cost you when it comes vacation time, but you’ll save a fortune in marriage therapy!

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Summer Activities For 100 + degree days

Kids & Family - Jenna - July 1, 2011

Given the recent heat wave sweeping most of the country (welcome to Summer) I have found myself like a lot of moms out there , racking my brain for things to do with the kids when it is just to hot to move.

On the blissful 75 degree days of early summer, we never seem to run dry on fun activities to do out side. We play, we swim, we picnic. There is ball to play, and bbq to eat. However when it is over 100 + out we are all left with full long hot days to fill.

Aside from the going to the library, and every body of water we can find. I have found myself mid summer and in need of some fun activities to do with my brood.

Here are some sites I have found to help me juggle the heat and my sanity.

When I am low on inspiration and high on heat I just stop off at one of these sites and let someone else do the thinking , while I take the praise from the kids!
Hope you stay cool and entertained this summer!
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Love is enough

Kids & Family - Jenna - February 14, 2011

heartI love Valentines Day! I know I am a sap. My friends say if I were a color I would be pink for sure. So naturally I adore this gushy, blush colored holiday, however commercial it may be.

Given the combination of the times, and my ridiculous schedule  a romantic date with candles, great wine, stimulating conversation , and a hot black dress are not happening this year. I admit in years past I would have been disappointed by the truth surrounding the check book and day timer on this of all days. But this year I can honestly say that I was so happy to share the love with my boys at home, and it only cost $30.00 for a wonderful evening.

Sexy black dresses were not worn, the wine was actually ice water , but there were candles, wonderful conversation, one of my favorite meals, and three of the most wonderful men a girl could ever hope to have at her table.

After a vacation last week, a very expensive trip to the dentist, and the hustle and bustle of February for a bookkeeper the fact I was able to make an appearance at the class party, pull enough glitter and red paper together to make homemade cards, and call to order Chinese was a feet in itself. But after we were all set at the kitchen table, chop sticks in hand, the flicker of left over Christmas candles lighting the sweet faces of my boys I was overcome with joy.

It may not have been the picture perfect valentines date girls dream of, but It was my favorite of them all thus far. Myold jeans provided ample room for dessert, there were no crowds, no one hushed their belly laughs, or had to wait on an overstressed waiter for a refill. There was just us, just three men and a princess enjoying eachother more than anything.  

It is times like tonight wrapped in a blanket watching a Disney movie with my family that it hits me. I can work very hard and buy them a chocolate filled car, or a five foot heart on any given holiday, but it is always the moments that all I have to give is myself that I am surprised to get the ever sought after “mom you are the best mommy in the whole world”

We can all get busy, life can throw us the most amazing curve balls, and well money comes and goes, but today I am reminded that love truly does last forever. Your kids mot likely cannot tell you the gifts you purchased two years ago that broke the bank, but I assure you that the moment you stood before them with only your heart, and love to pour out they will for ever hold in their hearts, and take with them.

Happy Valentines Day Moms. You are all amazing and doing a wonderful job, just remember ….”the greatest of these is Love” and it is especially true in mothering as I found out over take out this very evening.


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It doesn’t take much to invest in your kids

A very important lesson was given to me the other day by my seven year old during our bed time routine. He whispered to me “mommy this was the best day ever” After an awww and a warm fuzzy I began to clean up the kitchen and wondered why was this such a special day? Of all the days, great themed parties I put months of prep into, the vacations, and all the scrap book worthy days he has had. Why was this one so much fun. As I stood rinsing the last pot I realized it wasn’t what we did, but that we were together and he had my full attention.

The reality is that it doesn’t take much time or money to make your kids feel special. Just your time and attention. Here are a few ideas for how to spend time with your kids even if you are short on both time and money.

Make it count….

  • unplug turn off the tv, phone, computer, ect. it’s  for just 15 minutes it wont kill you!
  • Try to plan to do this when the opportunity presents it’s self don’t get to hung up on the date or time but cease the moment.
  • Ask them what they want to do by giving them a list of thing to chose from or a box with quick ideas in it they can pull from. This way you won’t have them suggesting a tent making session if you don’t have time for that.
  • Talk about behavior . Use the reward of fun time to get them to clean up faster ect. doing these things will allow mommy more time to play xxx

Try these ideas for what to do with your time……
color with them

let them help you cook

build leggos

read a book

let them do your hair

play with THEIR favorite toy on the floor with them

try these links for more ideas




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Mommy Guilt Doubled For Working Moms

Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - January 23, 2011

Whether you are a WAHM or a WAFHM , P/T, F/T , any time kind of mom. If you are trying to work, and take care of a family at the same time you are no doubt pulling double duty.This can be draining even on the best day which leaves you open for almost uncertain failure at some point.

keeping up this crazy lifestyle most of us lead this day in age, and only being equipped as mere human beings, we are going to forget a birthday, bom a presentation, leave the milk in the car or yell at our kids when we don’t mean to. Of all the things I tend to mess up, it is the moments I feel I let my kids down that hurt the most.

I realize that I am not a super hero no matter how I try. I get that I cannot be all things to all people. My name may start with a J but I am not that good. However there is something inside that drives me to want to be the best mom at all times. I live for it. I work for them, I try for them, I stress, and cry, and stay up late for those sweet little ones God gave to me. Unfortunately all these things I DO for them some how seem to get in the way of the mom I want to be.

Just the other day my Tan Man said to me “Mommy I want to play with you! You never play when I want” For the record the night before I was the best mom because I had spent the entire day living life on the whim of my boys and what they could drum up to do. He also had been playing the entire afternoon with some friends, and his father in a front yard football game.  With the end of his game,and his friends leaving he had bounced down stairs while I was still working to announce he wanted to be further entertained. Since I was dreadfully working, and could not play at that moment I was now a horrible mother!

I new full well he was just fine. I cannot attend to his every whim all the time. I need to teach him the word does not revolve around him. But there I was a sharp needle sticking out of my heart. Part of me wanting to stop everything and and play with him. Especially because I was working. I felt like I was choosing work over him as I often do. I choke on the words “mommy has to work right now” But at the end of month the money I bring in is essential to our survival as a family.

This my friends is the great mystery of the working mother. How to make it all work and not feel guilty doing it. I think you are bound to feel that mommy guilt . I tell my self this must mean I am a good mom! Someone once told me if your kids are loved, cared for, and safe than you are doing a great job.

Maybe it is because I have never had the luxery of not having to bring in some kind of income? Maybe it is my view of what makes a good mom, or what society says is a good mom. But I some how feel like SAHM’s just don’t have to CHOOSE anything else over their kids. It is almost to me like they are the lucky ones that don’t have to worry about working so they must not deal with this guilt of putting something seemingly before their little ones. Even if it is to provide for them. I am sure they have their own brand of guilt, but this is our pitty party :)

I don’t feel I will ever get over this mommy guilt thing but I can say that remembering I am doing the best I can with what I have for today and my family is all any of us can do. I right this post not so much for those seeking to answer. I don’t have it :) I right this today for those who are there with me in the trench’s of life. I hear ya. I get ya. It is hard but from one busy mom to another I say if you can identify with this at all. You are probably an excellent mother, and some day your kids will praise you for all you have done for them. Even if they had to endure the occasional 15 minutes of alone play time while you finished your work.

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Time for each of them

Kids & Family, Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - November 30, 2010

With a schedule that would make lesser women scream, I am always up to my eyeballs in something or another. So it is getting increasingly hard to set aside that special time with each of my boys for the fun stuff.

I remember when my first son was about three before my second had arrived, we spent hours playing, seeking out parks & play houses. We would find enjoyment in just being with each other. I love it and  never realized that some day those times wouldn’t come easy, I would have to fight tooth & nail to steel away just moments of the  sweet time we once had.

S0 now we have two sons, and we are considering a third child in this crazy mix! So now I am left wondering how I am going to do it? I don’t just mean taking care of them, as far as I am concerned that part is pretty simple. I mean having a real relationship with each of my boys. One that they can value & take with them for life. I realize that they are not going to look back one day & say….”wow mom thanks for cooking & cleaning & working till the death to buy me 1000 Christmas presents”

I realize that it is tough but I also know that it is hard. How do you balance the demands of caring for your children in this economy  if you are a mom that has to work & being with them, I mean really present with them so that you have a foundational relationship?

I am old enough to know when to admit you don’t know and I am kinda at a loss here on this one.  Help, I need a to get this one tackled before we add a third baby into the mix, and I really want at third child.


Juggling mama

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Networking at the sandbox

Momprenuer Balancing Act - Jenna - August 30, 2010

I often find myself at a park with other moms discussing life, love, business, money, and goldfish crackers!  I have made some great friends at sandbox’s and had some great conversations, but I always feel awkward about promoting my business at the park. That was until I talked to my girlfriend over coffee the other day, who let me in on how valuable, and powerful the sandbox network can be.

The other day she was at a local park with her son, when they came across a a boy with his father in the sandbox. After the kids introduced themselves and went to digging. Mom & Dad’s were left to chat. After the pleasantries of how old is yours were exchanged it came out in conversation that he was a buyer for a major children’s retailer. She just so happens to have her on business making baby slings! The man ordered 100 for his local retail store and she is on her way to baby merch stardom!

So don’t forget your business cards when you pack the juice box’s you just never know who you will run into.

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Real Simple Bonding

Kids & Family, Mom Time - Jenna - May 21, 2010

This day in age we can’t just take our kids on a shopping spree or out to dinner all the time to bond. Families are on the look for ways to have fun and pinch pennies. but lets face it movies at home can get boring and game night can lose it’s punch pretty quick.

But we still have to save our money and we don’t want to give up the bonding time. So here are a few ways we keep it fresh & frugal around our house!

Theme night! >>> Theme dinner, games, and movies after each of your kids fav things such as hot dogs, field of dreams, and backyard t-ball. Or do a disco fever night with John T and disco ball cupcakes. The sky is the limit!

Camp out! >>>>Take the fun out doors or just out to the living room. Throw out bed time and blow up the air mattress. Just have fun all night with each other no rules just giggles! Or take your movie to the deck and a projector screen.


Take out at home:) >>>>>>> Try your favorite restaurant foods at home. Get the family in the kitchen and cook together. You save money by buying and prepping your own food & the time spent cooking is bonding seasoned with love!

Need some more ideas? http://familytime.com/ has tons!imagesca0r4k64

So enjoy your family this spring . It’s not hard & it doesn’t have to be expensive. Kids need all of you and nothing more.

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managing the family calendar

Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - February 10, 2009

My friend, Jenny, has three kids–each with a an overly-full schedule of activities that keep her running in several directions at once. Plus she works part-time and helps manage her husband’s business.

She’s very organized–every morning she writes out and hangs up a sign in the kitchen with each family member’s activities for the day and who has to be where, when, so everyone’s on the same page and no one forgets (which still happens often).

While that’s a great idea, lots of times you’re not at home, and it’s hard for everyone to remember where they need to be next.

Well, I jucalendarst told her about a cool new site for women, shesconnected.com, that lets you create and post shared calendars so everyone in your family always stays updated. You can add events and to-dos for yourself, your husband, kids, friends, or members of any groups you belong to. And you can access it from anywhere you are: your computer, cell phone or other wireless device. And even if some people in your circle aren’t exactly tech savvy, you can print out copies that they can take with them.

This is just the greatest idea. If you have to manage multiple people’s time (like most of us juggling mamas do), I’m sure it will make everyone’s lives easier!

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