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Kids & Family - Jenna - August 6, 2009

I know that like me, you may not have time to check all the latest toy & baby gear recalls , but when I got a notice from one of my most trusted sites I thought that maybe I should do a quick check & compile some of the most recent for you to be aware of as well!


After going to a ton of sites & getting way to much info to compile in a timely fashion I went to my old stand by Parenting.com recalls page They have a team of people that check all the latest recalls in all the categorys & keep us busy moms up to date!

This is by far the most organized & helpful page I have seen -and believe me I have check them all! 

So for  the latest recalls for your family  log on to the recall page at www.parenting.com & save yourself a head ache & maybe lead poisoning !recall_simplicityplayyard_200

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Me time is only a locked bathroom away!

Kids & Family, Mom Time - Jenna - March 31, 2009

Let’s face it this economy is tight no duh! And even in the best of times when we are running low on time or money the very first things to get cut out are usually the me time things. The spa trips, the mani’s and Pedi’s , hair colors, ect.

I am not so dense as to say that we should treat ourselves before we pay the bills but we do need to remember that we are valuable , and not only do these things keep us looking pretty, alot of the time they can be a makeover for our soul as well. So if you are like me and have found yourself coming on to spring with no spa trip in the budget for those winter toes, unmanicured hands, and not so natural roots showing then check out these fun homemade ideas that won’t break the bank and may just give you the pick me up you have been looking for. Continue Reading

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What to do when they know how to say no

Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - February 4, 2009

I didn’t think this happened till kids turned two, but my 15-month-old daughter has suddenly discovered the word “no!”

Now that she knows she’s got a will of her own, “no” has become her favorite word. No matter what you say, ask or do, she yells, “Nooooooo!” and shakes her head vigorously back and forth. She’s even starting to have little tantrums where she throws herself on the floor or fakes crying.

It’s so adorable, it’s hard not to laugh. But it’s making daily life a little more difficult and, I have a feeling, it’s about to become a lot more so.

I’d love to give advice on how to deal with this milestone, but I’d rather receive it. So far I’ve tried to make a joke out of her protests to diffuse the situation. But I’m not sure that’s always the best approach. Please send suggestions soon!

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