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Teacher Name Tag Holder Gift

It’s that time of year again! Schools almost out!

No more school, no more books, no more teachers dirty looks! Well at least that is what I use to scream going down the hall pig tails flapping. Now it’s more like……….

No more school, No more missing books, No more lunch money, No more pleeeease honey’s!

Ahh yes how things change!

The end of the year for this mama means home made treats, parties, & teacher gifts. All as one last super mom effort before I am off the hook for summer!

Here is what I came up with for this years teach gifts. A Teacher Name Tag Holder for all those badges & keys our teachers have to tote around on those less than chic lanyards.

I actually got the idea after seeing something similar &  using a few ideas  to put together my own theme! I hope you enjoy….

Here’s what you need!


Scrap Fabric for flowers I found at Wise Craft ! Also there is a template there you need to print ! I printed it about a year ago and have used it a ton. I used this tut to make mine so all the flower credit goes to Blair at wise craft! I just added pics of mine so you could see the colors I used and such.

1/2 yard to 2/3 yard lanyard fabric

Button for flower

Lanyard tags if making badge

Lanyard hooks or key chain

Scrap paper if making name badge ( I made badges for my pre-k teachers but you could just make the lanyard if your teachers have school badges )

Glitter glue for name badges or teacher poem

One cute assistant! I got mine at Conover baby .com but she is a one of a kind so you will have to manufacture your own!

spring-2012-326Of course you will need the usual sewing subjects like scissors, thread, pins, machine, needle ect. I thought of that after the fact but if you are at this tut you probably figured out you need those things!  If not I am sorry ! Did I mention I have three kids and have to make 5 of these and it’s two days before I have to have them done?

spring-2012-338First decide what colors you want & stack em up ! Cut out two of the large & four of the small. I used different colors & added to my small to make it more fluffy! But you can follow the directions at www.wisecraft.com also and get it done just the same.

spring-2012-341Now we just fold & sew like so….

spring-2012-342Fold each pedal wrong sides together & lay on top of the two big pedals alternating, and stacking like this. Keep going until you have two left. Then fold the two you have left in quarters and place in the middle. Sorry no pic of the last two but you will see what I mean.

spring-2012-344When your flower looks like a flower sew it together with a button in the center. Taking care to grab a bit of each piece as you stitch. I also  left a long tail to sew to the lanyard when I was done.

spring-2012-348Now we will make our Lanyard. I realized when I was putting this together that I didn’t get very good pics. This was about the time my cute assistant got hungry & I lost her to a milk induced comma…so I found this tut on fabric lanyard if you need some extra help. She does it the same as I do but with better instructions!

spring-2012-366Now take your flower from before & use the long tail to sew it onto the lanyard! I put mine on, and measured about half way down on one side as a good spot to place the flower.

spring-2012-367 If you made a name badge you can stick it on and call in done! I have also put coffee cards on the end, or key chain gift cards work nice if you want to really spoil your teacher.

I hope yours turn out cute, you survive the last few weeks of school, and you have a wonderful summer break!

xoxo Jenna

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Babies, Excuses, and why I have been away!

Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - June 7, 2011

It has been a bit since I have been on and I am sorry! But really I have a good excuse, ok well no excuse is a good excuse but it’s all I got.

Excuse #1

 First I was called 400 miles away to be with my sister as she had her first child. naturally I fell behind on my blogging duties as I am big sis. It is my God given obligation to baby my baby sister the best Ican. It was a great time. I got to be there to hold my sisters hand and wipe her tears,as she joined me in the mommy club! We were always close but now that we are both moms and have been there for each other as we  gave birth, I think we are a special kind of close. Also on my trip and as part of my sister duties.I spent one night in the hospital with my little sis so her husband could get some sleep on something other than the Chinese torture chair that was offered to him. 

 Yes, I am that good of a sister, and we can even make a hospitol fun so I was glad to do it. We chatted and rested, and gazed at the sweet little bundle of new life. After a midnight burger run my sissy and I settled in for a chat, where I brought up some things I had been feeling. I almost fell out of the Chinese torture chair when she threw out the idea that I might be pregnant. Your crazy and half drugged, sleep deprived, andhigh on hormones I quickly shot back. Sure I was tired, yes my breasts felt like they had been through the spin cycle, my gums were bleeding when I brushed, and the smell of cereal made me queezy, but so.

 We were done having kids and we had gonethrough allot to come to that decision, so we had been very careful. Plus I had two more weeks until my monthly gift was due to arrive . So I finished my sister duties and  came home. Of course this took up alot of my time and I just couldn’t find the time to get anything out, especially a blog post.

Excuse #2

Of course when I returned home I had a ton of loose ends to tie up and we don’t even want to talk about the laundry! It took me two weeks to even get to some of my errands. It was a quick stop into target for t.p. and a birthday card when I realized what the date was, which brings me to my second excuse! 

There I was in the t.p. isle and all of a sudden the dates became very clear, then like in a movie my sister popped into my head with her theory! So I purchased a test forgot the birthday card and rushed home. Downing a half gallon of water on the short trip home, sliding into the bathroom sideways, and ripping the package with my teeth. Then I waited, tick, tock, tick, tock. The longest three minutes of a girls life.

Well of course there it was staring me in the face… the second pink line!

This wonderful day was fallowed by about three weeks of panic, confusion, sickness, fatigue, mental math, and mood swings! Wich didn’t leave much time or mental capacity to blog!

So there you have it. My excuse’s! While I am still in the throws of the above side effects of the first trimester I figures I at least needed to let you all know I am still alive and full of excuses!



There I was in the t.p.

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What I know for sure

Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - May 16, 2011

The past few years I have been part of the not so exclusive group of working moms.  As the need for a two income family grows it is often not a question of “does mom work?” but rather “what does mom do for a living?” Of course having two parents contribute to the family income means changes for the family dynamics. So how do you balance it all.

I of course do not have it down pat but there are a few things I have come to know for sure…..

*Stay involved in school . Perhaps you can use your business savvy to create a web site or organize events. Make sure if you can to attend and help in class at least once or twice a year. It will make a small difference in your work life, and a huge difference in your family life. Not to mention the effort will go pretty far in staving off the mommy guilt.

*Avoid busy mornings! Plan ahead the night before to start your day connected and fresh.

*Make the most of evenings. If you have to leave your phone in the car and duct tape your lap top shut, than do it! Work until the evening news if you want but do it after your kids go to bed. The hour or two between home work, dinner, sports, and bed is not going to come back so don’t waste it.

*Establish routine! Kids and families run smoother and are happier when we know what is coming next.

*Get some help, you do not have to be super mom and it takes a village!

*Last but not least, and hardest for me….Take time for yourself! You are the center of this family so how well do you expect it to run if you are run down?

It ain’t easy but it’s fun, so make sure you know how important you are. Your family is going to grow and leave you, and you will only have your memories so don’t rush through them!

Happy Juggling

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