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How did this happen?

Kids & Family - Jenna - October 4, 2010

“How did this happen” I heard myself audibley say several times as I looked at my 7 year old boy bounce across the front yard playing catch with his Dad, As I went over some scrapbooks from the front window.

On the pages in my lap were the memories, from our past seven years that I wanted to remember  that happened while I had a camera and actually got into the scrapbook. These fleeting pages showed our bouncy sweet boy from the time he was a little ball of snuggle until now.  The thing is, is I hardly can believe it has been seven years. copy-3-of-pinedal-2010-003

It seems like ages ago that my Tan Man was an infant. I can hardly remember his smell or his coo or even exactly how he looked as a 3 month old. “How did this happen?” I asked myself again. How did I forget these details in such a short amount of time?

I am sure some where between the career, the sleepless nights, and the frantic life of raising two boys in today’s busy lifestyle I just lost track of time and now I have a seven year old. I know all moms say it goes to fast, but I really thought that somehow I would escape this predicament if I tried hard enough. Guess I was wrong.

I am not going to tell you I don’t beat myself up about how much time I did or didn’t spend. I won’t say I have no mommy guilt about being so involved in so many things that I some how feel I missed something though I was there 90% of the time. I know all the great benefits of working, and having a well rounded life outside of being a mom, so you can be a better mom. however today I am in “How did that happen mode” So I will try to get some pics and some more kiss’s to try and capture some of my seven year old boy before he is 13 and I am saying once again “How did this happen?”

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Just don’t say it

Kids & Family - Jenna - August 31, 2009

It was a particularly trying Monday morning this morning. As I rushed around to get the kids ready, off to school, & start my day ,  I noticed my patients were already a little thin & it wasn’t even 8am yet. Oh boy this was gonna be a doozy!

Just then my five year old ran up to me with the shoes he did not want to wear I had set out in hand. ” I hate these, They are stupid, You’re stupid,  I have the worst mom ever”  (Did i mention my patients were already thin)  My heart sunk as any moms would & I just did everything I could to get my son off to school with grace, patients, and with out loosing it. I managed a quick lesson on how we talk to our mommies & a good bye kiss & he was off.

Lucky for all of us after school his attitude was much better. We were making it through our day when my husband called with a need that really put a cramp in my style.  I felt myself heating up & before I could even think that maybe he had a plan to his  request I just wanted to give him a piece of my mind.

Standing there watching my reaction on the phone was my little sandal wearing boy. Again my heart sunk. Just as I had requested my son do something he was not too thrilled about but was in his best interest (As I had no clean socks & it was warm so sandals meant saving his new shoes from certain smelly death)  had caused him to lash out, I was about to lash out at my husband in the same manner.

It was at this moment that I realized that I will never be able to teach my child to hold his tongue & think the situation out. If  I don’t. The thing my husband needed from me put me out at the time but if  I would have looked at the big picture I could have seen the method to his madness. shhh

Obviously our entire family needs to realize that there is amazing power in our words, they can not be taken back, & most the time all those words take up so mush time & space that we cannot even see each other truly. It’s as if the other persons intentions are lost in a sea of rebuttals & points to be made.  How did this happen? Well we are a family of humans so we are bound to screw it up pretty often! I don’t have all the answers at this time, but I do know that my home will be much more peaceful if we all learn to hold our tongue & our loved ones hearts a little closer.

All too often we ask our kids to do as we say, but they will always do as we do.  So if you want to see the areas you need improvement on, just take the top five things your five year old does that bugs the heck out of you & there you go!

-Juggling Mama

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Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - August 24, 2009

Well the big day has come and gone! The firsts day of Kindergarten that is :) After much anticipation & nerves over Immunizations, & school shoes on my sons part. And an overwhelming amount of dread on my part. My five year old little man and I took the kindergarten bull by the horns & came out unscathed.

Once I realized that all my attempts of stopping the day in it’s tracks were futile, I decided to embrace it with all I had. We started with a special dinner & dessert, picked out our clothes , & snuggled in after bath time with our favorite books. We prayed, talked, & giggled, and settled in for a peaceful night rest.

The morning came I rose early to make a special breakfast for my excited little man. He ate a huge pile of eggs, cinnamon roles, & blueberries. After my mom of  the year award winning breakfast ( may be the last so I had to give it it’s place) We were brushing, spiking , & dressing! cayds7cv

Before I knew it the time had come.  I snapped like a billion pictures and we were off. I walked hand in hand with my big guy, tissue in pocket (just in case) As we walked up to the playground we were met by  a swarm of his preschool friends from last year that made it into our class :) I had to pull my son back just to get a kiss.

BRRRRING there it was the bell. My budding 4.0er ran to the front of the line with a smile a mile wide on his face. Waving at me from the line as if to say ‘I got this Mom” ” I am all grown now” I looked around & no other moms were loosing it so I choked back my tears. There was no way I was going to be the only one bubbling like a baby.

Then like a band aid being ripped off it was over. All the little ones filed in & there us moms were standing around the fence looking at each other like a cow at a new gate. Not sure what to do now. I gathered up my youngest son and headed home.

Safe in the confines of my own living room I allowed myself a few or more tears. After all I had them saved up it would be a waste not to use them. My youngest son was a little confused as to why we had come home with out his brother, and he kept asking about him & pointing in the direction of the school.

Before we knew it time was up & we got to go get our little student. He was so excited & full of things to tell mom. We settled in to lunch and I was sure he had forgotten all about our his fears & graduated from boy to man in just three short hours. It was true my baby was all grown up.

Lost in my observation I felt a tug on my shirt & my little 30 year old was there at  my side climbing into my lap. My heart filled ” He does still need me” and suddenly all was right with the universe again.

It will never be the same now that we have started school, but it is OK. Just different & new & exciting. All I know is this…..You can live through sending your first child to Kindergarten & Yes it really does go that fast.

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Little Pincher

Kids & Family - Jenna - July 28, 2009

ca23glyzMy two year old just got over his biting stage now we are pinching! My arms are so bruised it looks like I was a practice dummy at the nursing school on the 1st day of IV instruction. Our entire family is under attack of the lobster like behavior my son has started to exhibit.

“Well do some thing super mom” you might say. Well you name it we have tried it. Time out, pinching back, redirection, reward & punishment. I found lots of good articles ( I listed them below) But nothing seems to work!

We are exhausted with this little behavior. I hope I can find a solution before people start to think we have taken to raising king crab on side or something!

Hopefully these sites help!





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John & Kate Plus Eight HMMMM…

Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - May 26, 2009

Anyone else find yourself totally glued to TLC’s John & Kate Plus Eight last night? Was it me or did it seem like Kate was laying it on a bit thick? Did John all of a sudden man up? Where were the kids, & who was that large 400lbs gorilla in the room (divorce, affairs, scandal)

I love this show, and am a regular fan but it seemed like  I was watching a totally different family. Yesterday TLC ran a marathon of the show that has been a part of our lives since 2004. In the beginning it was a show featuring this crazy family with eight kids. There was a type A, cold, bossy, but loving mom,  A wimpy but devoted father  A set of twins & a set of sextuplets ! The show pretty much was the same year after year & those of us that watched, tuned in each week to see the kids & feel better about our load as a parent, our marriage, & our ability to let our kids eat food coloring in a dress :) (Ok maybe that was just me!) But all in all it was light hearted entertainment. However as more people took notice apparently the fame took over.


We have all heard lots of rumors & you wont find me making any accusations until Kate & I’s  coffee date  Thursday. (year to be determined)  I understand people change but there was a stark contrast even from the shows last season. In the premier of the 5th season all of a sudden There is  an overworked scorned wife who lives for her children, and all of a sudden adores their mess & the lack of order in the household. A sports car driving rock star Dad……. And I cannot make an assessment of the kids we saw 4 minutes  of :) There are a team of PA’s & sitters, paparazzi every where , & body gaurds 😉 

 I am not sure what to think after watching the much anticipated season premier, but I am sure, like any good train wreck I will keep watching. ( I know sounds bad but it’s true & you know it) I hope that they can work it out I know I wouldn’t want my lifes drama to unfold on TLC ….Well maybe if having my life on TLC created the drama & I was getting a fat check?  

 let me know what you thought!

Would you put your Family on TV for $?

Think you are stronger than them?

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The end of preschool & my sanity!

Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - May 18, 2009

Today I am occupied with the final preparations of the preschool graduation party I have organized for my sons graduating preschool class. I have been running around all day getting the cake (that they messed up) the balloons, making sure all the other assigned moms have their stuff in order. You know the typical party planning crazy run about us moms get ourselves in when we say “Hey I’ll take that on ”

But as i tie my last balloon, I have been caught off guard, I just realized that in a few short hours my little baby will be walking down the road to Kindergarten. Embarking on school! Like real big kid, I don’t need you I a big boy, might as well be a collage dorm school!  OMG

Yeah I am totally freaked out! Kindergarten scaresthe living daylights out of me. I had no idea I would feel this way. I remember the first day I dropped him off at preschool & drove off crying. I thought, what am I going to do when it is kindergarten? To calm myself I reminded the crying blubbering mom in the mirror that kindergarten is three years away. Well guess how time flies, & that mom is looking back at me in the mirror saying “now what”

“now what” I have no idea! for tonight I will just focus on the balloons & cake & try to put off the impending doom of facing the fact that there are a mere three months of heat separating me & the big K! I just hope I can keep it together  long enough tonight to serve the ice cream!

Check back to findout how I did!

Has anyone else been here? How did you cope?



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managing the family calendar

Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - February 10, 2009

My friend, Jenny, has three kids–each with a an overly-full schedule of activities that keep her running in several directions at once. Plus she works part-time and helps manage her husband’s business.

She’s very organized–every morning she writes out and hangs up a sign in the kitchen with each family member’s activities for the day and who has to be where, when, so everyone’s on the same page and no one forgets (which still happens often).

While that’s a great idea, lots of times you’re not at home, and it’s hard for everyone to remember where they need to be next.

Well, I jucalendarst told her about a cool new site for women, shesconnected.com, that lets you create and post shared calendars so everyone in your family always stays updated. You can add events and to-dos for yourself, your husband, kids, friends, or members of any groups you belong to. And you can access it from anywhere you are: your computer, cell phone or other wireless device. And even if some people in your circle aren’t exactly tech savvy, you can print out copies that they can take with them.

This is just the greatest idea. If you have to manage multiple people’s time (like most of us juggling mamas do), I’m sure it will make everyone’s lives easier!

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Juggling is Tough – but I have a few tricks

Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - February 22, 2008

I started writing this blog so that I could spare other women the same mistakes I have made juggling all the things that matter most to me. I also wanted to see how other women were juggling their lives. Please let me know how you deal with life and how you have found ways to make it easier!

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