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Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - August 24, 2009

Well the big day has come and gone! The firsts day of Kindergarten that is :) After much anticipation & nerves over Immunizations, & school shoes on my sons part. And an overwhelming amount of dread on my part. My five year old little man and I took the kindergarten bull by the horns & came out unscathed.

Once I realized that all my attempts of stopping the day in it’s tracks were futile, I decided to embrace it with all I had. We started with a special dinner & dessert, picked out our clothes , & snuggled in after bath time with our favorite books. We prayed, talked, & giggled, and settled in for a peaceful night rest.

The morning came I rose early to make a special breakfast for my excited little man. He ate a huge pile of eggs, cinnamon roles, & blueberries. After my mom of  the year award winning breakfast ( may be the last so I had to give it it’s place) We were brushing, spiking , & dressing! cayds7cv

Before I knew it the time had come.  I snapped like a billion pictures and we were off. I walked hand in hand with my big guy, tissue in pocket (just in case) As we walked up to the playground we were met by  a swarm of his preschool friends from last year that made it into our class :) I had to pull my son back just to get a kiss.

BRRRRING there it was the bell. My budding 4.0er ran to the front of the line with a smile a mile wide on his face. Waving at me from the line as if to say ‘I got this Mom” ” I am all grown now” I looked around & no other moms were loosing it so I choked back my tears. There was no way I was going to be the only one bubbling like a baby.

Then like a band aid being ripped off it was over. All the little ones filed in & there us moms were standing around the fence looking at each other like a cow at a new gate. Not sure what to do now. I gathered up my youngest son and headed home.

Safe in the confines of my own living room I allowed myself a few or more tears. After all I had them saved up it would be a waste not to use them. My youngest son was a little confused as to why we had come home with out his brother, and he kept asking about him & pointing in the direction of the school.

Before we knew it time was up & we got to go get our little student. He was so excited & full of things to tell mom. We settled in to lunch and I was sure he had forgotten all about our his fears & graduated from boy to man in just three short hours. It was true my baby was all grown up.

Lost in my observation I felt a tug on my shirt & my little 30 year old was there at  my side climbing into my lap. My heart filled ” He does still need me” and suddenly all was right with the universe again.

It will never be the same now that we have started school, but it is OK. Just different & new & exciting. All I know is this…..You can live through sending your first child to Kindergarten & Yes it really does go that fast.

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Ready or not Kindergarden is here!

Kids & Family, Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - August 13, 2009

You may remember last spring when Preschool ended I shared my panic about my little angle graduating from his pre education & my fears of the looming kindergarten years ahead.

Well it’s here! And I am still freaked out!

I know this is absurd to some of  you but I assure you it’s from my heart! I have only one praciouse week left to prepare myself my son for school, and I am feeling the impending doom of that coming Monday. 

 We enjoyed a wonderful summer this year & seemed to get all our growing up out of the way. My son learned how to swim ,tie his shoes, ride a motorcycle & has started reading some. I cannot believe how much he has matured this year.

But even with all his strides toward manhood I feel very unprepared for this mother of a school age  child thing. I just cannot accept that I have done a good enough job to send him out to the world on his own. I feel like a child being pushed toward the edge of the pool that can’t swim. My heels are dug in & I am grasping for every lawn chair I can reach. swim

I realize that I will most likely find the water is only knee deep ,and I will be able to touch the bottom if I can just manage to get to the edge of the pool & jump in. I may even like the waters & all that comes with it like PTA, Soccer practices , & three hours minus one will bring .

However I simply am very emotional while trying to make the most of the last week we have & get prepared by school shopping, hair cuts, & more. Edging closer & closer to the edge of the pool. Will I make it?

To be continued……………………………

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The end of preschool & my sanity!

Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - May 18, 2009

Today I am occupied with the final preparations of the preschool graduation party I have organized for my sons graduating preschool class. I have been running around all day getting the cake (that they messed up) the balloons, making sure all the other assigned moms have their stuff in order. You know the typical party planning crazy run about us moms get ourselves in when we say “Hey I’ll take that on ”

But as i tie my last balloon, I have been caught off guard, I just realized that in a few short hours my little baby will be walking down the road to Kindergarten. Embarking on school! Like real big kid, I don’t need you I a big boy, might as well be a collage dorm school!  OMG

Yeah I am totally freaked out! Kindergarten scaresthe living daylights out of me. I had no idea I would feel this way. I remember the first day I dropped him off at preschool & drove off crying. I thought, what am I going to do when it is kindergarten? To calm myself I reminded the crying blubbering mom in the mirror that kindergarten is three years away. Well guess how time flies, & that mom is looking back at me in the mirror saying “now what”

“now what” I have no idea! for tonight I will just focus on the balloons & cake & try to put off the impending doom of facing the fact that there are a mere three months of heat separating me & the big K! I just hope I can keep it together  long enough tonight to serve the ice cream!

Check back to findout how I did!

Has anyone else been here? How did you cope?



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