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A few things I am pretty sure moms of girls never have to say…..

Kids & Family, Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - October 13, 2009


This is the second time I have been peed on today

No you cannot make that into a sword

No the Kitty doesn’t need swimming lessons, flying lessons, or bike riding instructions

Please put my flower pots back at the door & the flowers back in them

No you cannot use your brother as a bike jump

Please take the play-dough out of the lamp

What the heck is this in my shoe?

Ohhhh you used my curling iron to cook me breakfast in bed how sweet

Is that chocolate or poop?

Yes son it is always inappropriate to say pooh, poopy, pee, pee-pee, fart, booger, barf, & butt at the table

Yes you have to eat that

Oh God please don’t eat that

Thank you I know I rock & Yes I will marry you!

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Boys Will Be Boys

Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - March 21, 2009

A wooden painted sign hangs on my fence in the back yard that reads “Boys will be boys” I of course have two boys that are all boy. however when I hung this sign I had no idea the true meaning of this statement.

Recently my eldest son decided that he had had enough with winter and he was heading outside to break out the summer toys. It was a sunny day and quite nice so I said ok buddy no problem I will help you get out the summer toys and you have at it. After all this would keep him busy and the baby was napping so I could squeeze in some work.

As my elated little boy broke into the sidewalk chalk and sand toys, bubbles, buckets, and water pals I ducked inside to catch up on the ever growing piles of life that awaited my attention.  I could hear my little guy playing and the baby monitor was quiet so I went about my business. Some time between phone calls and laundry loads I popped my head out the back door to check in on my summer loving little boy. Sitting there in the box with all the toys dumped out sat my half dressed bubble faced muddied up boy with a smile the size of Texas . He looked over at me with a “HI YA”  mom and a grin! “Want some summer I still have some in the box”

“Boys will be boys”

 In the moment, down and dirty, and loving every second of it. Never mind what time of day, or year.

We should all live like this don’t you think!

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