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It’s Ok

Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - March 6, 2012

Today I am reminded that it is ok to be imperfect. That is really hard for me to admit, but it really is ok and sometimes it is even necessary. So today try to think of something you usually perfect that you could let go for just today.Instead of doing that perfect thing perfectly, try to be with a perfect person imperfectly!



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Just Do It

Mom Time, Momprenuer Balancing Act - Jenna - July 12, 2010

We have all seen the Nike adds telling us to just do it, but when it comes to me time I have a really hard time just doing it! I always have something else that needs done, someone that needs taken car of, or a looming deadline.

I am always in need of a break and some alone time ,but very seldom do I get it. So where does this leave me? Cranky, bitter, overweight, and just plain grumped out.  Of course this is super bad for just about everyone in my life. I am not myself and am so strung out that I am no good to anyone.

So how do you go from an all out living for everyone and everything but yourself kind of girl, to a journal writing, tea sipping, long walks to ponder kind of girl? Well I have no idea but I am trying very hard to hopefully find the girl that is lost somewhere in between.

I am not so silly as to think that this is going to come easy to me or that it is going to happen over night, but I have to find some balance between wigged out mom and lazy river mom. I am still very busy and have a lot on my plate so I have to get it all done, however it is one of my biggest fears to wake up one day and realize I worked it all away.

I guess the best any of us can do is just do it! Just take the famous slogan and apply it to our lives the best we can and pray for the best. I need my me time and I have to carve it out. It may not loo the same as yours but it heals my souls the best way for me. So don’t expect to have running be your me time if you hate to run, but Jane loves running and talks it up as the only thing that gets her through the day! yours could be anything you love.

So my advise for today juggling mamas, is this…..Find what you love and “Just Do It” or you will not have enough left to give to anyone else!


To be quiet and to be still are too very different things – Jacki Chan


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Me time is only a locked bathroom away!

Kids & Family, Mom Time - Jenna - March 31, 2009

Let’s face it this economy is tight no duh! And even in the best of times when we are running low on time or money the very first things to get cut out are usually the me time things. The spa trips, the mani’s and Pedi’s , hair colors, ect.

I am not so dense as to say that we should treat ourselves before we pay the bills but we do need to remember that we are valuable , and not only do these things keep us looking pretty, alot of the time they can be a makeover for our soul as well. So if you are like me and have found yourself coming on to spring with no spa trip in the budget for those winter toes, unmanicured hands, and not so natural roots showing then check out these fun homemade ideas that won’t break the bank and may just give you the pick me up you have been looking for. Continue Reading

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How to find “me time” when baby never naps!

Mom Time, Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - January 24, 2009

I’m still looking for ideas from you fellow jugglers on how to find a little time for yourself, especially when you have a baby who rarely sleeps.

Right now, about the only “me time” I get is in the car if our baby’s fallen asleep. Sometimes I just park in the driveway or in a parking lot and read (I keep a stash of books and magazines on the passenger seat), write in a journal, make lists, organize coupons, clean out my purse, call friends (quietly) or surf the Web on my mobile phone.

Am I the only one who does this?!

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