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Dove Celebrate Canadian Mom’s Contest

Mom Time - Jenna - July 19, 2012

Of course I am a fan of moms and now that I am a mom of a girl I realize how important a strong Mom role model is to a young girl. Naturally when I heard of this contest to celebrate mentoring moms I shouted for joy, and nominated all the wonderful moms I know.

Only 9% of Canadian girls (ages 10-17) are comfortable using the word “beautiful” to describe themselves. However, when girls feel they have a role model, they are less likely to let anxiety about looks hold them back.Dove is committed to inspiring all women and girls to reach their full potential. That’s why we want you to nominate amazing women who deserve to be celebrated.

Four inspiring Role Models from across Canada* will win $2,500 for herself and $2,500 will be donated to the charity of her choice.

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Are you mom enough?

Kids & Family - Jenna - May 14, 2012

ok, so have you seen the Time Magazine cover of a 3 year old nursing? um, all I can say is …..ok, I don’t really know what to say!  I guess you could say I am semi-attached parent & take a little bit from each parenting style to meet the needs of my family. Some of this stuff is just kinda over the top. I am sure as heck not gonna tell you what to do with your kids or pose the question are you mom enough? I will let you decide for yourself.

I would love to see how you all feel about this….

are you mom enough time magazine

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Bringing Sexy Back!

Mom Time - Jenna - August 28, 2011


5 Ways to Make Time for Mom’s Sex Life

By , About.com Guide

Moms’ sex life may seem like an oxymoron – who has time for romance and intimacy amid dirty diapers, school homework and children’s activities? But a fulfilling sex life is one of the important ways moms can rejuvenate enough to make it through the daily grind. It’s also the glue that will keep your marriage strong and happy. Here are 5 ideas for making time and energy for mom’s sex life.

1. Wake Up Early

mothers sex life

Most parents of young children collapse into bed at the end of the night without a thought of any activity between the sheets aside from sleep. But setting your alarm clock for a half hour before your usual wakeup time can jump start mom’s sex life  and dad’s.

Feel free to slip into a sexy teddy. Make sure you lock the bedroom door. You might also want to quickly brush your teeth before jumping into each other’s arms!

2. Date Your Husband

It can be hard to get in the mood for hot sex after a long day of work, child care and household chores. I’m a huge fan of parents having a regular date night. It gives you a chance to talk without interruption, for one.

Most importantly, date night brings you back to those days not so long ago  when you’d primp to look your best for your man. A little anticipation before an evening out can add to the fire when you’re finally home together again.

3. Afternoon Delight

It’s more than a 1970’s song by the Starland Vocal Band. (Bet you didn’t have that name on the tip of your tongue!) As cheesy as it sounds, afternoon lovemaking can be a delightful pick-me-up for a tired pair of parents. You often have more energy at 2 p.m. than at the end of the day.

Whether your kids are at a yearbook meeting, gymnastics class or asleep for their daily nap, Saturday afternoon can be your chance to set those sky rockets into flight.

4. An Overnight Trip

Sneaking around behind the kids’ back can only take you so far. A wonderful boost to a mom’s sex life can be a weekend or even overnight trip — in a hotel you don’t have to worry about making too much noise. Hopefully you have grandparents nearby who can babysit or neighbors willing to make a child care swap.

You don’t even have to travel a long distance or spend a ton of money. Check out the hotel deals within an hour or two drive of your home. You may find a sale that includes a breakfast buffet the next morning. Now that’s luxury.

5. Take a Day Off Work

I know your days off are precious, if you’re even lucky enough to get paid time off work. You’re probably hoarding them to use if your kid gets sick or to visit family over the holidays.

Just this once, think about taking a day off along with your husband  and spending the morning in bed together. It may cost you when it comes vacation time, but you’ll save a fortune in marriage therapy!

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Life In the fast lane on Mothers Day

Mom Time - Jenna - May 5, 2011

Earlier today I found myself scrubbing a toilet used by four boys as the Eagles hit Life In The Fast lane  came streaming in from the kitchen radio. At that exact moment I was running through the weeks tasks, one of which was the upcoming plans for Mothers Day.

How ironic that I was the one up to my elbows in, well I am not going to mention it here. But just trust me it wasn’t pretty. But seriously I am the one in the thick of mothering, and I am trying to plan out how to fit in all the things we have obligated ourselves to doing for our mothers. This while they sit happily in semi retirement wondering what time I will be arriving bearing gifts, neatly pressed grandchildren, and my husbands handyman services.

Don’t get me wrong I appreciate all that they have done. I beleive I have been expressing this for 30 years now. I don’t mind doing things for them, and of course I want to honor them. But for pete sakes at what point is it my Mothers Day?

I do not enjoy a husband that feels that it is his duty to accommodate me on Mothers Day, as I am not his mother. My kids are small, and while I love their home made gifts. The cereal in bed I have come to cherish over the last few years I wouldn’t trade for the world. That being said however I must state that  it seems no one is going to suddenly say ” happy mothers day Jenna, what is it that you would like to do today?” or ” gee how could we help you feel relaxed and loved today?”  It seems that the only one that is going to be doing that is me!

And what the heck is wrong with that any way? Why can’t we say” I love and honor you” to our moms with a card and maybe a small gift, then take the darn day to ourselves .  And why can’t our moms see this as well? Surely they were plagued with the same ill fate of being everything for everyone while sacrificing their own happiness.

I am not saying you should be selfish here but what is the point of the day if we don’t get to honor ourselves as moms if no one else is going to? I feel part of honoring yourself is giving place to your needs. So if a walk on the beach is what brings you peace than you should be able to do it and enjoy it. I feel like I am not able to enjoy this day that is suppose to be for recharging and honoring my efforts as a mother.

This mothers day I am making a declaration to honor our mothers with a card, a call, maybe even flowers. I will send them all the love and light I can each time I think of them on this day, and then I plan on doing as Liz Guilbert in Eat Pray Love advises, and dropping it. What I mean by this not that Iam not honoring them, rather I am going to give them their place and then unapologetically honor myself as a mother as well.

I am all for showing love, respect, and honor to the women in our lives that have raised us, been there for us, and still remain in our hearts. These moms deserve their praise. We deserve ours as well. You only live once and if no one is going to do it for you than honey you are going to have to do it for yourself. It may be planting your garden, or reading your book on the porch, a long run, a hot bath, or a fishing trip with the very boys that did such unspeakable things to your toilet just days before.

What ever it is that recharges you, please please please just to it this Mothers Day. Do it for me, do it for yourself, do it for the mother it will make you be on Monday. And for goodness sakes do it with out apology, with out shame, and like no one is watching. After all you are living life in the fast lane right now.  The pee covered, matted, brightly colored, messy, fast lane and it isn’t slowing down any time soon. So what better time moms!

From the bottom part of my heart to yours…..Happy Mothers Day Moms! Enjoy it! Really ENJOY it!

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Hope for the juggling mama with a good personality

Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - February 28, 2011

The other day as I was screaming through the grocery store after being with clients all day, but before picking up kids & heading off to sports, activities, working from home ect. I had just minutes to spare when I turned a corner a little hot & crashed into another woman.  Trying to be polite I  lifted my gaze and only to find one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen in the chip isle. Just as I was offering up my apologies I was handed a stern look, and a tongue lashing from the this beautiful lady, & lets just say her language was not so beautiful.

This mid isle collision got me thinking about the meaning of beauty. At first glance this woman was stunning but the words from her mouth and demeanor instantly made her just as about as appealing as a toad in heals.

I don’t know about you but beauty isn’t exactly on the top of my list as a busy working mom. I am not saying I sport sweats and messy hair all the time, but I have made it to a client meeting with chipped nail polish and a run in my hose. I use to feel bad about this until I realized I am only human, and I can only do what I have time in the day for. I am forced to rely on my personality and kind nature to get my compliments.  The thing is that apparently that shining personality (which is all I have)  is more important when defining beauty than you might think.

According to most men they are more likely to marry and hire  a srtong confident woman who is also kind and nurturing than a physically beautiful one.  For those of us that have had three kids, run a business, and have zero time for themselves there is hope!

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Mini Van <3

Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - February 7, 2010

I have been known as the unofficial head of the anti- mini van club! I have been head chair for all my life. However I recently was forced to hand over my title and card carrying membership.

 While the very thought of driving  the sliding door, mom mobile use to make me cry a little , I am here to say that I was wrong!

Recently I borrowed a friends as I was having all her kids too and didn’t have the room for everyone. Mind you I was squishing 5 kids plus me into a small classy SUV ! (Don’t ask) So I needed more room for a while. But I would never consider a mini van. What would the girls think? I had held rallies against them, burned caravan flags in the street! It was bad enough I had to borrow it, let alone be caught driving it.

So what would they say when on day two I fell head over heals in love with my friends mini van!

Yeah, I know what you are thinking, but I couldn’t help it. The seats were so comfy, the kids had so much room, the  doors opened by themselves! I mean this thing was amazing and I had to have one.

So I handed in my card sent my hubby out to deal with the Wolfe like sales men, and now I am a happy owner of a new mini van! Well new to me a 2007 Kia sedona:)

I never knew I would love a car so much. I still am fighting the need to buy mom jeans, and I prom is I will never show up to drop off in curlers, smoking a cigarette.

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