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Mommy Tracked

Mom Time - Jenna - June 28, 2010

I don’t usually post book recommendations on this blog, however I am an avid reader & love books. Why the hesitation to recommend you may ask?

 I shy away from recommendations due to the fact that I am no respecter of authors, and will read anything on any subject. My reading  go’s in cycles . I may hit series every now & then, but I am in no way a genre specific reader.I find when I recommend a book people may get an impression of the kind of things I am into, so I try to avoid the pain and judgment that comes when someone thinks they know what you like, and in turn sends tons of stuff your way that is on a certain topic you have no interest in.  Then you are faced with either letting them carry on with the junk, or breaking their heart with the news that you could care less about vampires you just wanted to read Twilight to see what the fuss was about.

On the other hand nothing help me unwind better than a quiet place and a good book.

Any way……….

I did read a book a few weeks ago that was so perfect for busy moms that I had to share it! Mommy Tracked By Kate Gaskell !

Maybe it was the martini next to the toy on the front cover that got me or the tag line “Even moms need a time out”  but something made me pick this one up & I am glad I did.
This book is the tale of  4 moms all with different walks, mothering styles, and parenting experience. The four are friends and the book fallows each’s story as they all intertwine to one novel.

I loved this book as, I do all books that I stick my neck out to recommend, because it was well written! In a funny, quick whit , practical humor that you would only understand if you are a mom! Therefor I highly recommend it to my Juggling Mama readers. It is a quick read, and if you are a busy mom I am sure you will find one or more of the moms in this book to identify with.

Whitney also has four other titles in her pocket. One of which Pushing Thirty is very cute, and I just started it. So grab a martini, pick up this book & enjoy!


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Swim time = me time

Mom Time - Jenna - July 1, 2009

My husband got us a new pool for the back yard. It is a pop up one about 8 feet across &  3 feet deep. It was on killer sale & our boys are water bugs. however I had my reservations since our youngest son is only two & cannot be in the pool with out his life vest and a parent. This means I can’t just send the boys out to play & go about my work checking in on them via the kitchen window. I have to be out there with the baby to make sure he doesn’t go in :)

At first this idea kind of concerned me, but I soon realized that if I have to be the parent standing guard I guess I have to focus only on my kids & joining in their summer adventures, Or tanning with a book with in arms reach is always an option.  I have rally enjoyed our new pool & my life guard duty.

If left to my own device I would have worked this summer away too, not really participating in the everyday that I have with my boys, in this warm magical season we call summer!

My advise go outside & experience summer withyour kids if you can. you wont regret it. I promise


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Can your baby read?

Kids & Family - Jenna - April 11, 2009

Recently we have been working with our five year old who has started to express an interest in reading. He is not yet in Kindergarten and has just tackled all his letters! We read every night together and have since  birth but he is a very busy boy and until now has not really shown an interest in reading on his own.

So we are at the library picking out books and a woman with a child about three was picking out the same books we were. Much to my surprise he was reading the titles to her! Of  course she was glowing with that look at my child pride we all hope to gleam with from time to time, and she shared with me she had used several programs such as this one http://www.yourbabycanread.com/default.aspx to teach her little one to read.

We checked out our books and headed home. Of course I started to look at some of these programs for my boys, but I am still not convinced that the systems work for all kids. We will try it with our littlest one and continue to encourage our older boy to read and make it fun. It is worth a shot but I also refuse to take the fun out of being a kid just so that they can read sooner. I also wonder what the kids that read at three will do in 1st grade?

What do you think? Should babies read? Is it harmful or beneficial?

 Who thought I would be teaching my baby and my 5 year old to read at the same time. flash_place

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