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New Year, New Planner, Old Materials

This new year will bring lots of new surprises, dates to remember, and appointments to keep. So how ya gonna keep track of it all? With a day planner of course. I know many of us are going digital, but I have to tell you I am still a day planner mama!

They make it so easy to see my crazy schedule right there on paper for me to see! So when I needed a craft for our MOPS group to kick off the new year, I knew I wanted to make a day timer to serve my own needs!

Ok so I also had some ugly donated biz planners and a ton of scrapbooking materials to use, but hey !

Any how! They turned out so cute I had to share!

We used ugly donated calendars and scrapped them up to our likes! After we were done we had new day planners with a designer look for $0 ! That’s right we used what we had and earned our recycle badges for the day too!

So try it this new year and you will have a cute must have planner and feel good about it too!

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Earth Day with your kiddos

Kids & Family - Jenna - April 22, 2009

Earth Day These days everyone is going green.  It seems that over the past few years, Earth Day has become a very big deal, and is celebrated all week. So here are some fun things you can do to get your kids involved this during this earth loving time. The more fun you have, the better chance you stand in keeping your little ones thinking green all year.

Become recycling super heroes:

My boys can be persuaded to do just about anything if they get to put on a red cape. Put your kids in charge of one of the families recycling chores. Give them a cool name like plastic man, or compost girl..ok you can come up with way cooler names :)  But let them be the keeper of the gate when it comes to a recycling project, this way they have a vested interest in making sure it gets done, and you can enjoy letting their imaginations run wild while getting the plastics separated from the cans.

Plant Anything:

Somewhere along the way Earth Day & Arbor day meshed and now we plan trees on both days. While that is a wonderful idea, the thought of planting & caring for a tree can really overwhelm some people. So much so that they just don’t do anything. The truth is that planting anything with your children has benefits.  Growing things big & small teaches a wide variety  of values to little ones, and it can be argued that, these values  alone will benefit the earth down the line.  Also any living thing  you grow yourself is helping the environment. So just plant anything, anywhere, any how. Just get dirty with the kids, and your job is done!

Play outside:

Look, the reality is that your kids have a full spectrum of projects, programs, TV shows, books, ect. available to them these days about going green, but the only way for them to appreciate mother earth is to get outside and enjoy her! Go hiking, or to the lake, take a walk along a stream, or go fishing. Anything outside, and beyond your four walls will help your kids appreciate nature, even if you live in the city..Just get out side! Take a little time out during your outing to discuss ways to help keep our earth healthy. This will get the conversation started, and they will have an idea of why they should care at all. Kids are not the least bit concerned  that  canvas is the new plastic, but they will care if their park is too dirty to play at, or the fish all die in their stream!

So enjoy Earth Day and your kiddos this green week. Do what you can, and remember a little does a long way!


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