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Be involved in school no matter how much time you don’t have!

Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - August 28, 2011

Recently I read an article that stated the obvious…Children, teachers, and schools do better when parents pitch in. I will spare you the break down of the 1000 words of what you already know. DUH! But what do you do when you are a mother of 4 who works full time & already volunteer’s elsewhere? There are a number of ways you can help out and make a difference even if you only have 5 min a week!  Really!

Don’t think that if you can’t organize the next bake sale you are not of good use to your school.There are even things you can do with out setting foot in the school it’s self. All you have to do is ask and your child’s teacher, the PTO leader, the secretary, and the principle will have plenty of ideas. Here are a few I have gathered to get you started…….

If you have 5 min

Send an email reminder for you teacher to the other parents

Offer to help lead the bus line once a week

write a quick not to thank your child’s teachers or staff pick a new one each week and by the end of the year everyone that enriches your child during the year will know they are loved & appreciated.

Volunteer to bring a store bought snack once a month

Donate to the next food drive or clothing gather

Tell your crossing guard thank you

Take the time to sign and actually read what the teacher sends home each week

Pack a special note for you child

If you have an hour

Sign up to help once a month in your child’s class

Create a flyer for the PTO

Gather supplies for the next function

update the class or school web page

Take your child to a special lunch

Bring your teacher a coffee

Organize a study group for your child & her friends

Be a team parent

Sign up to bring a dinner item once during conferences or bring your child’s teacher dinner on your night

If you have more than an hour

Join the PTO

Become a class parent

Start a club for your school

Organize and spear head a fund raiser

Coach a team

Volunteer for recess duty

Some of these things may be very small, some may take a lot of commitment, but no matter the size of your contribution you will be making a difference for your school, your child, and thier teachers. What you do does matter, if we all do what we can then we are doing our best!

Happy school year mama’s!

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Ready or not Kindergarden is here!

Kids & Family, Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - August 13, 2009

You may remember last spring when Preschool ended I shared my panic about my little angle graduating from his pre education & my fears of the looming kindergarten years ahead.

Well it’s here! And I am still freaked out!

I know this is absurd to some of  you but I assure you it’s from my heart! I have only one praciouse week left to prepare myself my son for school, and I am feeling the impending doom of that coming Monday. 

 We enjoyed a wonderful summer this year & seemed to get all our growing up out of the way. My son learned how to swim ,tie his shoes, ride a motorcycle & has started reading some. I cannot believe how much he has matured this year.

But even with all his strides toward manhood I feel very unprepared for this mother of a school age  child thing. I just cannot accept that I have done a good enough job to send him out to the world on his own. I feel like a child being pushed toward the edge of the pool that can’t swim. My heels are dug in & I am grasping for every lawn chair I can reach. swim

I realize that I will most likely find the water is only knee deep ,and I will be able to touch the bottom if I can just manage to get to the edge of the pool & jump in. I may even like the waters & all that comes with it like PTA, Soccer practices , & three hours minus one will bring .

However I simply am very emotional while trying to make the most of the last week we have & get prepared by school shopping, hair cuts, & more. Edging closer & closer to the edge of the pool. Will I make it?

To be continued……………………………

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The end of preschool & my sanity!

Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - May 18, 2009

Today I am occupied with the final preparations of the preschool graduation party I have organized for my sons graduating preschool class. I have been running around all day getting the cake (that they messed up) the balloons, making sure all the other assigned moms have their stuff in order. You know the typical party planning crazy run about us moms get ourselves in when we say “Hey I’ll take that on ”

But as i tie my last balloon, I have been caught off guard, I just realized that in a few short hours my little baby will be walking down the road to Kindergarten. Embarking on school! Like real big kid, I don’t need you I a big boy, might as well be a collage dorm school!  OMG

Yeah I am totally freaked out! Kindergarten scaresthe living daylights out of me. I had no idea I would feel this way. I remember the first day I dropped him off at preschool & drove off crying. I thought, what am I going to do when it is kindergarten? To calm myself I reminded the crying blubbering mom in the mirror that kindergarten is three years away. Well guess how time flies, & that mom is looking back at me in the mirror saying “now what”

“now what” I have no idea! for tonight I will just focus on the balloons & cake & try to put off the impending doom of facing the fact that there are a mere three months of heat separating me & the big K! I just hope I can keep it together  long enough tonight to serve the ice cream!

Check back to findout how I did!

Has anyone else been here? How did you cope?



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Juggling is Tough – but I have a few tricks

Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - February 22, 2008

I started writing this blog so that I could spare other women the same mistakes I have made juggling all the things that matter most to me. I also wanted to see how other women were juggling their lives. Please let me know how you deal with life and how you have found ways to make it easier!

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