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Kids & Family, Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - December 11, 2011

Recently we had a guest speaker in at our MOPS group to discuss several meathods  on getting the best bang for your buck with your weekly shopping. Everything from meal planning to coupon clipping. Most of the tips I had heard, and used occasionally but putting them all together this woman is spending $30 or less for her weekly shopping!

She has a family of four and makes four squares a day, has pets, and a baby in diapers , and is walking out of the grocery store for $30.00 a week. Simply buy clipping coupons, matching them to the loss leaders or  adds, and meal planning around what she has a flyer and coupon for.  She also shops at drug stores that give rebates and rewards . Last week a woman using these methods got two packages of diapers and wipes for $1.23 ! Now if that doesn’t make you want to go buy a coupon organizer and a pair of scissors I just don’t know what will.

There are several sites out there devoted to helping make this easier such as http://bargainbriana.com/ or www.iheartwags.com both of which are great.

I am ready. This will be my first trip  to the store and I can’t wait to see what my bill comes up to be. try it yourself and lets compare notes.

Anyone have any other super saver tips? Let me know!

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It’s that time of year again, TurkeyDay! For some of you this means a day of warm baked goodness, parades, feasting with family & football. Not that these things don’t occur but for many of us this day also means juggling.

Since having one set of parents has become the anomaly I am pretty sure I am not the only one that has to figure out how to  include all of the family in your day. Whether you or your husband or both have step family, extended family, or just plain ol’ crazy family this can get tricky.

The complexity of family drama have vastly accelerated past what to do with the wine after uncle so & so has had too much. Oh, if it were that simple. I remember when my Husband & I first were married. We spent hours in the car, ate 4 meals, undoubtedly hurt someones feelings that we couldn’t stay for THEIR traditions, and never got to watch an entire game. Of course we came home with a weeks worth of left overs, but dealing with all the family made me want to vomit.

Don’t get me wrong we love our family, but the fact that no one could for go their issues to eat a flippin turkey in the same house, but each timed their dinner with in an hour of each other, and demanded us there was, well a little much.

So what’s a girl to do, well this girl bought a house with a big dinning room and now I get to host the holidays, oh, everyone is in the same room, but it is me that needs to have the wine hidden. I guess they can be in the same room, and for a few years it was just stuffy & uncomfortable, but now it is loud and opinionated, and full of maddness & love all at the same time. It is still not with out it’s disappointments, failures, and triumphs,but some times in a blended family that is all you can hope for.

Not that I recommend hosting all the holidays like I blindly decided was a good idea NO! DON”T! TRUST ME!  But I have to say I get it!I understand, I sympathize with the millions of you that will be thankful until you puke this year.

I wanted to write a warm and fuzzy “what am I thankful for this year” post this week, but I just had to fallow my heart on this. So as you try to fit everyone in, make an appearance to keep his mom, your step mom, his dads girlfriend’s mom, and everyone else happy this year remember this…..

Be thankful & take small bites it will all be over soon! Then you can enjoy the leftovers with coffee as fuel for your annual blow up the credit card balance day with a million other moms after the same toy at 4am! Ahh Gotta love the Holidays!

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