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Small Business not feeling the love this Christmas

While the Holiday season ramps up full steam ahead. The small business gal is still wondering where her piece of the Christmas Pie is. With dilemmas such as an excess of online shopping, and vendors demanding upfront payment in excess many of the small business are not feeling the Holiday Love.

It is very hard for anyone in business that does not have a huge online presence or a wad of cash to keep up. Despite the shinny reports of black Friday and Cyber Monday most all of the 6% increase in sales went to box stores that had made huge deals with suppliers in order to bring you deep savings on big ticket items which inspired you to shop while you were there. Unfortunately the discounts on the other items you purchased were minuscule and the retailers were able to score big. They took the strategy to Cyber Monday and badda bing big money! Genius!

So where does that leave us in small biz? Since there is no way we can keep up we have to create a new way. I tend to look for ways to save money on everyday expenses and admin coast so that more of my profit goes to me.  I stopped looking at the month of December  as a make or break it month and rather focus on the year at large.  Also I try to not compete with the big guys rather offer something they can’t. If you have a small shop or qauint coffee house you probably have loyal customers so offer them discounts or an open house to get them in the door, then charm them with food, wine, and your great fair!

I know it is hard not to focus on the $$$ this month but try to look at the bottom line. If you are in the black then you are better off than most. Just stay tried and true and keep on chugging. It really is a marathon owning your own business not a sprint . You have to be realistc and remember why you got into business for yourself in the first place. The freedoms & perks sometimes have to replace the big bucks.

Merry Christmas  heres’ to nice profits and open doors in 2011 what else could we ask for in this economy!

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Office of Government Contracting, Women-Owned Small Business Program

Momprenuer Balancing Act - Jenna - November 20, 2010

I got this off the SBA web site today because I am a women owned small business! I thought it was very interesting and decided to share. This is just a snip you can visit www.sba.gov for the full details !


On October 7, 2010, the U.S. Small Business Administration published a final rule effective February 4, 2011, aimed at expanding federal contracting opportunities for women-owned small businesses (WOSBs).

The Final Rule sets forth procedures authorized by the Small Business Act to help ensure a level playing field on which WOSBs can compete for Federal contracting opportunities, while helping achieve the existing statutory goal that 5 percent of Federal contracting dollars go to women-owned small businesses. The Final Rule sets forth the following:

  • Based upon the analysis in a study commissioned by the SBA from the Kauffman-RAND Foundation (referred to as the Rand Report), the proposed rule identifies 83 industries (identified by 4 digit North American Industry Classification System, or NAICS, codes) in which women-owned small businesses are under-represented or substantially under-represented. The Rand Report is available to the public at http://www.Rand.org/pubs/technical_reports/TR442.
  • In accordance with the statute, the Final Rule authorizes a set-aside of Federal contracts for WOSBs or economically disadvantaged women-owned small businesses (EDWOSBs) where the anticipated contract price does not exceed $5 million in the case of manufacturing contracts and $3 million in the case of other contracts, if certain other conditions are met.
  • The Final Rule removes the requirement, set forth in a prior proposed version, that each Federal agency certify that it had engaged in discrimination against women-owned small businesses in order for the program to apply to contracting by that agency.
  • The Final Rule allows WOSBs or EDWOSBs to self-certify their status or to be certified by third-party certifiers, including government entities and private certification groups.
  • The Final Rule allows SBA to engage in program examinations to confirm eligibility of individual WOSBs or EDWOSBs.

WOSB Program Information

WOSB Program Fact Sheet

WOSB Program Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs

WOSB Program Applicable NAICS Codes

Compliance Guide for the WOSB Program

WOSB Program Guidelines for Contracting Officers (Coming Soon)

WOSB Program Repository

Information about the WOSB Program Repository will be released in the coming months.  The repository continues to undergo system and technical evaluation prior to the February 4, 2011 program effective date.  Once available, a link to the respository will be available here.

WOSB Program Third-Party Certification

SBA is currently developing the process by which entities can become approved to certify businesses as WOSBs and/or EDWOSBs. No Third-Party Certifiers have been approved by SBA at this time. SBA will update this website with a list of Approved Third-Party Certifiers.

Questions about the WOSB Program?

SBA Answer Desk

1-800-U-ASK-SBA (1-800-827-5722)

Answer Desk TTY: (704) 344-6640


E-mail: wosb@sba.gov.

WOSB Program News

October 7, 2010 – Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contract Program Final Rule is published in the Federal Register.

October 4, 2010 – SBA Releases Final Women-Owned Small Business Rule to Expand Access to Federal Contracting Opportunities

March 4, 2010 – Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contract Program proposed rule is published in the Federal Register.

March 2, 2010 SBA news release — SBA Proposes Women-Owned Small Business Rule to Expand Access to Federal Contracting Opportunities

Updated October 7, 2010

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NAWBO recomendation

Momprenuer Balancing Act - Jenna - November 15, 2010

This is a great organization! unfortunately there is not a local chapter in my state, but if there is one in yours I highly recommend joining !

I read their mission statement (posted below) and was sold! This group is really here to help us women business’s succeed in today’s market. This juggling mama would defiantly recommend

Vision and Mission

Download Spanish version as PDF

The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) propels women entrepreneurs into economic, social and political spheres of power worldwide by:

  • Strengthening the wealth creating capacity of our members and promoting economic development within the entrepreneurial community
  • Creating innovative and effective change in the business culture
  • Building strategic alliances, coalitions and affiliations
  • Transforming public policy and influencing opinion makers

Diversity Statement:

In principle and in practice, NAWBO values and seeks a diverse and inclusive membership.  NAWBO seeks full participation in the organization by all business owners who support our mission to empower women entrepreneurs, regardless of race, religion, age, sexual orientation, national origin or disability.  NAWBO’s goal is to effectively represent the full diversity of the women business owner community and to expand access to leadership opportunities across the full spectrum of our membership.

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