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Top Female Earners

Momprenuer Balancing Act - Jenna - May 16, 2011

It’s no secret I have been doing some serious soul searching. Part of that search is the search for a new career. In my research i found an article that broke down the top paying careers for woman. They are pretty much the same as men and are not really family friendly.

However I wonder if there are any readers that have any of these careers, and are willing to share how they feel and what they make.

So what are these careers? According of to the Bureau of Land Statistics the top Five are as fallows…





*Computer Programer

*Occupational Therapists

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Me Finding More Time…

Mom Time - Jenna - April 12, 2011

You have a sink full of dishes to wash, three loads of laundry to do, seventeen bills to pay, you’re not sure how many e-mails to answer, a big stack of novels on the nightstand you’d love to read, & zero-count them -zero minutes of free time.

That is the opening line from the book Find More Time by the productivity proLaura StackMBA, CSP  Of course this line spoke volumes to me as soon as I picked it up. Now all I have to do is find the time to finish it!

Sad I know, but it is what it is! I do aspire to finish this one soon, and have a wonderful report on how I have managed to get more done in the same time and be happier doing it. For now however I am trying to well…just get the firsts chapter done!

This seems to be a theme for me. I get to a spot where I am burnt out and tired. I find a self help book on parenting, business, diet, what have you & I cannot even find the time to read it. upon the rare occasion that I am able to skim my way through it I very rarely find the end of it. This of course only leaves me with checking out yet another must read life changing read.

Does anyone actually have success with this type of constant advise seeking? Does it ever pan out? or should I just be focusing on finding a way to add four more hours to the day in order to cram it all in?

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The 5 tips to balancing work and life

Work is hard there is no doubt, but when you are the one holding the company in your hands it can be all consuming. Most business owners will admit that they feel their lives are not their own. They are in one way or another tied constantly to their company.

Here are a few tips to help center and focus your view, so you don’t let this part of your life define who you are entirely. Take them in stride and implement them as you see fit. It couldn’t hurt and at the very least maybe you will gain some in site or get a good laugh!

1. Laugh

Very rarely is is so serious someone somewhere can’t find humor in even the biggest mess

2. Focus your compass on a greater north

I won’t get preachy here, but whatever source of spiritual guidance you prefer, now would be a great time to focus in on it. If you think you are gonna be able to run a business with out drawing from an inner well of some kind you are nuts! Get out now !

3. Divide your time

As a momprenouer I have the hardest time with this one! But really to survive , you have to be with your family when you are with them and at work when you are at work. I don’t need to say anymore if this spoke to you, you already know what I mean, and what you need to do about it!

4. Cut yourself some slack

Yes, we all want financial freedom and success, but at the end of the day we are only human. If you miss a deal, or blow presentation it doesn’t have to define you. There will always be another chance.

5. Change

last but not least be easily adaptable to change.  It is a fast world out there and you have to be able to change with it as you go, or you will spend at least half your life beating your head against a wall and that will do nothing for your wrinkles

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Why can’t I Just Say NO?

Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - September 9, 2009

It’s only two little words, two letters, & one syllable. It seems so simple, yet I can’t seem to spit it out N-O ……..

If you need anything just ask Jenna, and people do all the time! Don’t get me wrong I am not some meek door mat of a woman that is getting taken advantage of here. Quite the opposite, You see when I am approached with an idea, or request it is kind of a  high for me. Before the person even can finish their offer my head begins to speed ahead on how I could do the job they need done & do it well. It is as if my brain goes into over drive & all I see is the project on the biggest of scales.fg72vcadlsuiicawdqc6zcac8imjgcauqmm2hca1q0296caji7rhzca9yav79cacmhagrca9nf35ocadiada1carf8xynca0xehjrcal073u2ca8238tdcatik0eocampxf28ca1zvxlecamd1d2v

So when I am asked to do something often times it is my own desire to perform that makes me say yes. But soon after my high of perfection fades I am left with more than I can’t really handle.

This leads to me feeling guilty for not being able to fulfill my own fantasy of how the job should turn out, or I feel bad that I am neglecting my other projects in order to -God forbid fall short of my own goal.

This practice as left me with a ton of uncompleted projects & a whole lot of guilt to go with them. If I would just choose what I take on a little more carefully I think I might be able to have some peace, as well as a few really good projects that I am proud of  instead of a lot of ones I could have done better.

Sounds like I got it all figured out right? Well just wait until someone asks me to to something, and watch me add another ball to the act, which will eventually cause all the balls to fall straight on my head :) agfoacatpa7bkcar02cdbca12vmxcca900samcapo0pwwcau9jvlfcaiw8fqdcavwe5cicahhmzrycaqwm3o2cai10j4mca2f57gtca06ksracael60v4caazk31ncaaltc16cayzc22ocamqrd9g

It’s a fact I am a no say no-er and I need help. I recognize it, I want to change, but something deep inside me just has control over some link between my brain screaming “NOOOOOOOO” and my mouth that always say “Yes, sure I would love to” with a smile non the less.  I need a support group or something! But I would probably end up running the stupid thing & filing the last spot in my schedule ! -Sick I know, just sick!


-Juggling Mama

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Juggling is Tough – but I have a few tricks

Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - February 22, 2008

I started writing this blog so that I could spare other women the same mistakes I have made juggling all the things that matter most to me. I also wanted to see how other women were juggling their lives. Please let me know how you deal with life and how you have found ways to make it easier!

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