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Poll: Work, Worry and Accomplishment Define Mothering

Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - February 1, 2011

Motherhood is no easy job: Six in 10 moms worry about it. Half sometimes feel guilty that they’re not better at it. Most say they’re good but not great at it. Seven in 10 say it’s harder now than it was a generation ago.

Six in 10 moms with kids under 18 hold down paying jobs, yet traditional social norms persist — 85 percent still also maintain primary child-care responsibilities in the family. Make that two jobs, then.

Yet there’s joy in mothering and deep rewards: Seven in 10 mothers in an ABC News “Good Morning America”/Good Housekeeping poll report an excellent relationship with their children, twice as many as got along that well with their own mothers when they were growing up. Compared with their mothers, most moms today say they’re more involved in their kids’ lives. And while overindulgence is up, most moms by far also say they’re maintaining at least as much discipline as their own mothers did.

I came across this poll done by TNS at abc.com. It aired on Good Morning America a few days ago and really struck a cord with me as a working mother.

I am curiouse to see what you think! Read the entire poll at http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/AmericanFamily/story?id=1813264&page=1

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Clean home office in 2011

Someone once told me you can judge a mans head space by looking at his work space. I have no idea why this particular quoteof my mentor stuck with me, but I use it as a type of gauge these days to help me stay on track.

However even the most well organized working mom can just get overwhelmed, and find herself in a mess of an office from time to time. As I write this post I am surrounded by well maintained files, sorted office supplies, and freshly organized to do bins.

I only sit among such calm organization because two days ago I could not stand the mess my end of year Holiday induced chaos any longer. So  I  finally had to do something about it! It isn’t that the madness doesn’t try me mad, but I am just plain busy and need help staying on track!

Here are some tips for beating the clutter and stay on top of the papers in 2011 so you don’t look like a messy minded manager!

Create files that coincide with the way your software works for easy access

store old files the same manner you store current files but in a different place. When you have to go back 2 years to find a receipt you will thank me!

Use fun funky items to store pens, and other office supplies so that you will want to put things where they belong.

Create usable boards out of recycled goods and fabric that are pretty to look at. Things that are appealing to the eye are easier to keep cleaned up than old boring cork. You will want to organize it! trust me!

use down time to sync info and then keep it in one place. Having three roladex and a daytimer is to 1994! keep your info sorted on a laptop or smart phone so you are always ready to get connected.

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Today I Worked In My Jamiez

Momprenuer Balancing Act, Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - December 14, 2010

Ok, so scratch the visions of a self made millionaire with money to burn who makes money in her sleep, lounging in her designers PJ set while the pool boys skims the pool. NO!

My jammie work day is more of a rare occasion that is birthed from an over tired over worked mom who has way to much on her plate to get dressed even! Yeah not so romantic. In fact I try not to let it happen but sometimes I just have to cut myself some slack. Today for instance I had a daycare child I had taken on when work was slow and am now keeping until her mom has a baby even though my work has picked up and I am busier than ever! She arrived at 7am and I was going on 5 hours sleep at that point, so I decided that a brush of the teeth, clipa in the hair and a quick face wash would be put together enough for my favorite AE hoodie & sweats that I had slept in the night before. “Just to answer the door” I thought to myself! So at 8:15v when I was rushing to get my oldest out the door and everyone fed I decided that I would just change my under garments and slip back into my comfies to finish out the morning routine!

Well here I sit…. two batches of fudge, one batch of cookies, 43 e-mails, three articles, two blog posts, 53 Christmas cards , lunch, coloring, a cardboard house, snack, nap time, back yard time, school time, and three Clients calls later…..In my Jamiez!

Yes, today kind of got away from me and I am still only half way but just don’t think that the rest of the days events are worth dirtying a clean pair of jeans. Today I will finish my day in the exact same outfit as I went to sleep in. I wish I had a more glamours tale of my work day in my Jamiez for you but this is all I got. Just a busy mom, trying to work, take care of her family, and get all the year end done before the actual end of the year. All I have to say is thank God I crunch numbers and am not in fashion:)

No this doesn’t happen very often, but I am not going to beat myself up today about it. I swear I just saw Miley Cirus in jamies on a magazine cover some where, so it must me ok…right?

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Time for each of them

Kids & Family, Things I wish I'd known - Jenna - November 30, 2010

With a schedule that would make lesser women scream, I am always up to my eyeballs in something or another. So it is getting increasingly hard to set aside that special time with each of my boys for the fun stuff.

I remember when my first son was about three before my second had arrived, we spent hours playing, seeking out parks & play houses. We would find enjoyment in just being with each other. I love it and  never realized that some day those times wouldn’t come easy, I would have to fight tooth & nail to steel away just moments of the  sweet time we once had.

S0 now we have two sons, and we are considering a third child in this crazy mix! So now I am left wondering how I am going to do it? I don’t just mean taking care of them, as far as I am concerned that part is pretty simple. I mean having a real relationship with each of my boys. One that they can value & take with them for life. I realize that they are not going to look back one day & say….”wow mom thanks for cooking & cleaning & working till the death to buy me 1000 Christmas presents”

I realize that it is tough but I also know that it is hard. How do you balance the demands of caring for your children in this economy  if you are a mom that has to work & being with them, I mean really present with them so that you have a foundational relationship?

I am old enough to know when to admit you don’t know and I am kinda at a loss here on this one.  Help, I need a to get this one tackled before we add a third baby into the mix, and I really want at third child.


Juggling mama

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